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  • namfong43 namfong43 Sep 19, 2012 3:15 PM Flag

    RENN has started going bonkers fellas read why below

    Reasons this is happening is citigroup must cover many shares.
    Chen, the RENN ceo should be days away from being done with buyback
    Then the richest Billionaire in the entire country of China who just recently joined the renn board of directors was overheard by a caterer when they thought all were out saying they will not be happy till RENN is a 100 billion dollar market cap at a minimum. They were also quite irritated at how undervalued the company stock was but said they will just have to get as much of it as they can to corner the market. This stock in my opinion is about to change lives! can finally start loading with his friends!
    Chen will tell all the friends he has ok guys buy now!
    Hedge Funds and Institutions will get in, 10 will be here very soon, this greedy specialist, amateur, and greedy that he is working for a second rate exchange like the NYSE, RENN WOULD BE 30 right now on Nasdaq! It will not be long till panic buying sets in and the hedge funds notice this and buy also.
    The specialist has had 2 years to load, many are stuck from 28 down to the present, they will add as we really start moving also.$$$$

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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