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  • dowjones1234 dowjones1234 Nov 5, 2012 11:24 AM Flag

    Tomorrows Election Outcome and Why!

    I think that "most if not all" of the news media and political talking heads "stack the deck" in taking the interviews that make up the so called “polls.” It's in their best interest, their jobs and future, to keep the polls as close to even as possible. Just think of the millions and millions of advertisement dollars that would go to waste if the polls indicated the election was heavily in favor of one candidate over the other. If one candidate is winning, they just interview more folks that are supporting the loser to keep the “polls” even and to protect their futures. What would the news media have to talk about?

    I have more faith in the American voting majority and our military personnel to vote and not allow this disastrous administration to have another 4 years in office. I know there are many folks out there that this administration has “bought their votes” with freebies and other promises based on redistribution of wealth from those that work to those that don't. And, the distribution of wealth is the only thing that they care about.

    On average, only about 60% of voting age Americans vote in a Presidential election. My personal belief is that more folks than usual are fed up with the present administration and the direction they are taking our Great Republic. Those that have not voted in the past for what ever reason will be out in higher percentages than usual in tomorrows election lines and they won't be voting for Obama.

    Romney over 300 electoral votes!

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