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  • dowjones1234 dowjones1234 Nov 9, 2012 3:41 PM Flag

    Why Republicans Lost The Election!

    Why Republicans Lost the 2012 Election:

    Over the last 4 years, the Republicans failed to do their "grass root" work properly, they failed to agree and crisply define their platform planks, they failed to sell their platform planks, they didn’t open the Republican tent to minorities, they didn't work as hard as the Democrats at the grass root level, they failed to organize their base and they didn't take the news media to task for liberal & biased reporting.

    A very high percentage of union workers (Craft, Federal and State) voted for Obama.

    A higher percentage of minorities voted for Obama (especially those that are on Federal, tax payer subsidized, Substance.

    6.7 Million Caucasians did not vote in the 2012 election that voted in 2008. For some reason, they stayed home. That in it self is a huge failure of the Republican Party.

Bottom line, the Republicans deserved to lose the Presidential election because of overall poor performance!

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    • They lost because they keep running rich guys. Not like the rest of us. I am a registered Republican and even I couldn't stomach the idea of Romney with his Swiss accounts, car elevators, and hidden tax returns. Both Clinton and Obama came from very humble origins. Lowest

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    • They lost because they're stupid?

    • They lost because they hate everyone the gays the poor the Latinos the unions the democrats the news media and anyone else not of their religion colour and nationality . Just listen to Rush L. and Donald T. what great guys those republicans are.

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    • He won because it is easier to steal through the political process than actually get up and go to work every day. When a leader robs Peter to pay Paul he gets the most votes in the fall. Enjoy what is left of society before it goes down the toilet of socialism ... like all socialist states eventually do do.

    • jeffsdavis Nov 10, 2012 4:44 PM Flag

      Too Ridgid, need some flexibility!

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    • I think that is a good analysis. If I could change one plank it would be immigration, I would give out all the green cards the spanish wanted and they could renew them every 6 months for $50 as long as they worked 4/6 months and had no felonies. I would put a 5 mile buffer on the border and say anyone in the desert areas after dark would be shot because only illegal drug trade would be there as I just made it legal for everyone else to come across. Citizen ship requirements would remain the same. Why the latinos don't see that the democrats only want they here to exploit them I don't know, they should make them legal and require employers to provide coverage and benefits as they do everyone else. It is the big money wanting to exploit and make modern day slaves of them that doesn't want to make them legal and so hard to come here legally. They don't really want to stop them from coming they just want them here illegally so they can exploit them. Both sides are guilty of this but I would totally change it and thereby get the latino vote as they are good conservative people for the most part and hard working. The second thing I would do is make minimum wage $10, the third thing is no more unemployment or welfare benefits instead I give you a job at $10 cleaning streets, parks, babysitting, answering phones. Dignity not handouts.

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      • linda_mod Nov 26, 2012 11:53 AM Flag

        That's an excellent idea! Why should people be allowed to sit on their butts watching TV all day while collecting public aid checks, free food and health care? Making them work for those freebees would greatly reduce those on the dole. AND they'd have to pay into SS, and other taxes which would be a win/win for the states and the feds.

        IF they had to earn those benefits, there would be little resentment among those of us who work and pay taxes.

        I only wonder why our "great government" leaders haven't thought of this? Oh, yes, it's because they are Democrats!

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