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  • jabbas.bigmomma jabbas.bigmomma Jan 25, 2013 10:34 AM Flag

    Can COP Pay its Dividend?

    I read that COP does not have enough CFO (cash from operations) to fully pay the dividend, and thus are using part of the proceeds from asset sales to pay the dividend. Is that right?? If that's true, it sounds like a shrinking company and future dividend decrease...

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    • Now just where did you read that? It is so wrong it is a joke. COP has MORE than ample ability to pay the dividend. In fact, the NEXT move will be to INCREASE the dividend. I expect an increase this year. COP makes most lists of companies who will be a dividend GROWER in future years.

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    • Where did you "read" this ? In Popular Mechanics ?

    • Dividends tend to be more than JUST a line on the spread sheet. They go to the very essence of the companies' financial competence and the competence of the people who run it....including the BOD! Capex on the other hand, while important, does not carry the same urgency that continuing divi payments carries.
      Furthermore these guys are newly appointed. The last thing they want to do is cut the divi.
      The CEO, Lance, is a Petroeum Engineer...those guys tend towards being no nonesense SOB's and while I don't know Lance I'll bet he fits the mold. I'll bet your next divi payment he ain't gonna cut the divi !

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