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  • bluewhale1049 bluewhale1049 Jan 31, 2013 4:40 PM Flag

    DAMN Depressing - 5% drop and now no dividend

    So a 5% drop today and January is over, so looks like they cut out the dividend on the bad earnings. Damn, I got a lot in this company, just over 150 shares. Hope they can get it together and reinstate the dividend by next quarter.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • dewandastephens Jan 31, 2013 6:15 PM Flag

      Where are you getting the "no dividend" reinstate from? These guys will probably up the dividend this year. They made a profit of $1.43 per share in quarter four. The dividend pay out is $.66 per quarter. You have a lot in this company....150 shares? You lost $464 today. I lost over $12,000 today but counted this as an opportunity and purchased another 100 shares. What you failed to point out is the hugh gain from the 75 PSX shares you hold, if you were a good investor and owned COP before the May split. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and buy some more COP. It will be back. Just ask the investment pros on this board. Besides, where else can you get 4% on your money plus appreciation on your oil and NG in the ground? Last time I looked, gasoline was up at my Conoco Station!

    • First you have no idea what you are talking about and/or I suspect you are trying to manipulate less than knowledgeable share holders into panic selling.
      If the later you may be in violation of an SEC rule in which case I hope they hang you up to dry.
      I also hope Yahoo removes you from this site!

    • You do know the #$%$ in your message is technically illegal. Right? Of course, there are thousands of folks like you spread over the boards so it's not like anyone will do anything about you. Of course, I also recognize your posting could be an attempt at humorous sarcasm.

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