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  • stenchcloud stenchcloud Feb 6, 2013 8:55 AM Flag

    In The Grip.

    Well Boyz,We now get to watch the next step in the procedure.They first got the "Macho Jerkz" by the Ballz,and now They are squeezing.The Day Trader Jerkz are droping out,cuting losses,and crying uncle.The remaining sniffelers are feighning confidence,telling their toothless fat babes how savy they are and bought more at 58. Guess what,"Nifty Fifty" is closer than You think,Mr.Big Shotz.How You going to approach That Sultry Chick now? Last time You tried to talk to Her,She shot You right down,becaues She sensed You were a Dip. Now,You even admit You're a dip,but are still drawn to Her.How do You expect to ask Her out This Weekend,when You just lost 4 more pointz on this trade? You will be left standing there,shaking in the knees,and soiling Your diaper. This could go to 20s, Deek Face! I saw it happen with Sunoco a few years back. Oil is falling and taking sector down with it.

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