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  • rlbeard6734 rlbeard6734 Feb 8, 2013 9:04 PM Flag

    Divesting $$

    that has been there goal now for several yrs and they are so far successful in succeeding in selling off foreign assets in highly political sensitive areas and getting into the North American continent with their assets, What has slowed the return so far has been their long term commitment to NG assets but I agree that that is the energy of the future and the time to get in is while it is cheap. I believe this will eventually be a tremendous investment, I also have a large amount of NG investment in a NG drilling partnership so I believe it too will pay off while it is slow now. America could under the right president become totally independent of foreign energy that is profitable (and that is not solar or wind or nuclear) green energy is not profitable without govt subsidy which means it is not profitable period. Wind may be profitable but it is not totally reliable. for production when you may need it. We don't like water turbines because we like our water recreation not disturbed by water level changes. NG will eventually be huge for this company but they have enough oil to tide them over. I am really bullish this company and have owned it for over 3 yrs with excellent returns (20% per yr compounded) It is one of the few stocks I believe you can put in the box and forget about. I also did own aapl from 80 to 600 but never felt as good about it as COP even though it made me a lot more.

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