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  • cantgthrtondirt cantgthrtondirt Feb 9, 2013 12:03 PM Flag

    some thoughts

    The overall market is due for a real selloff, it's more overbought since 2007 with divergences, like new hi/new lows, they are pushing the string (Primary Dealer Cartel) and circulating the lie of rotation out of bonds, a total LIE, in 2006 50% owned stocks, now it's 51%. They have sucked whatever idiots back in, the Greater Fools.
    I'm afraid the hedgefunds now have a grip on this, do what you want but I'm not thinking this is now a "buy'nhold" they bought $60 calls for next Fri expiration, the manipulation is now happening, and 59.46 is a dead wall gap where I'm pretty sure they will dump, dividend or no, they won't let it get to $60 like sheeple think, like they advertised the 62.50 calls and dumped at 60.05. my .02, not betting the farm of this criminal casino anymore. Shiller or Crestmont p/e for S&P is now 23, hist ave is 14.7, corp profits/GDP is over 70%, highest in history. GLTA Market has been totalyl momentum narrow most shorted stocks being hit by HFT parasites, that's usually end game.

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