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  • stenchcloud stenchcloud Feb 15, 2013 9:44 AM Flag

    Investigation Continues,Prompting Sell Off.

    In at 62,the foolz that bought at 62.50,are squirming in Their diapers. They could have gazed into the eyez of a less attractive canidate,perhapz one of them 2 Fat Chickz that were sitting in the corner getting no attention,but Nooo,You went over to the Hot Chick,asked Her out (would You like to dance with Me),and She shot you right down,and looked away,leaving You standing there holding a bag,like some lepper.

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    • Everybody saw what happened.don't You realize that all the other guyz had their eyez on Her,every week,and it was You,who believed He had the Ballz to strut up to Her,las You glanced at the mirror checking Yourself out,saying to Yourself(iI am in like flint!).At first,all the other lonely Jerkz stared in aw,hoping you would strike out,then they all sneered and jeered at Your faliure,and then like a flock of seagulls all in sync,checked themselves out in the mirror,adjusting their wigz. When She abruptly stood up,to swagger to the ladyz room to put on more lip stick,they again stared,and one of them (Me),ran over and Sniffed the seat where She had been sitting,then added at 58.

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