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  • stenchcloud stenchcloud Feb 26, 2013 12:05 PM Flag

    The Real Mr. Big Shot Elects To Sit Down.

    The Real Deal Biggy Wall Streeter (a little #$%$ bag,munchkin),climbs up into his leather swivel rocker,places a nice fat cuban cigar on desk,then has secretary usher in a couple dopes (Big Shotz Wannabez),orders Secretary to pour some brandy from leaded flask into everyones crystal "Sniffterz". He then tells dip#$%$s to relax,while "I" review Your finances,while studying Their vacant faces in the reflection of glass toped desk (He has already gone right to The Bottom Linez of finacial statements),then EXCLAIMS,"This is Your lucky Day",leans back in chair as He unwraps the stoggy,twidles it for a few moments,as The Jerkz wait on edge,then,He leans forward,looks Them right in the eyez,and states,"Welcome Aboard The Gravy Train,WE are bound for FAT City",The unsuspecting clownz then demonstrate slight reservation and ask,"Are You Sure ?" and little #$%$ weasel then puts on an annoyed face,and sayz "Trust Me".Then,as another tricky distraction,dipz His unlit cigar into His glass of brandy (which happens to be the cheap stuff,all knowing that these fools can't tell the difference),reaches over to the humidor and gives Jerko one,and seals the deal He then climbs down from His chair,slowly walks around the huge desk,lights His cigar with a thousand dollar,diamond encrusted mini-flame thrower,gives Jerko a light,extends His hand out for a shake (This is the clever part),as Jerko reaches out with his arm extended,and Real Big gently yanks clown boy out of His seat,does what appears to be a combination of a judo move / and The Waltz,slapz jerk on the back,as he guides him toward the door,then,,,, suddenly,, His phone (looks like a minature arcade game) starts ringing (He has a button He presses at precise moment), raises His voice in a extremely concerned manner,"There He is now,I gotta get this,tell My secretary to hold all calls,I'll be in touch with You later". Jerko,headz spinning,gets hit in the rear as Biggy Chitz slams the door. Get The Idea??????

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