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  • rlbeard6734 rlbeard6734 Mar 21, 2013 1:55 AM Flag

    in the last 3 yrs

    if you include all dividends and the psx spinoff this has been a double for me. What say you naysayers to that. And now you can add on their huge oil finds in the GOM to further fuel this stock upwards.

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    • I bought into this company a few years ago when they were talking about the spin off and surmised that the parts would be worth more than the whole. I kept on adding up to the spin and eventually sold a small amount of COP in my IRA and added to the PSX for a little more balance. It costs me almost nothing to make changes on line. I had also bought shares of PSX for my younger grandchildren (the older ones own XOM). After the spin I bought some PSX for the XOM holders.

      It just seems to me that this industry will do well for quite a while. I also like CHV & OXY and some utilities that own pipelines, SE, OGE, OKE & MDU. SE is PSX's partner in Midstream. I know NGL's are down now but the increase in chemicals and manufacturing will support higher prices in the not to distant future. CheveronPhillips Chem is building 5 chemical plants in the US over the next few years.

      An example of what cheap plastic means is highlighted in Atlantic monthly magazine a few months back. Big article on GE bringing back all of their appliance manufacturing to their Louisville plant complex. I think they said they already had 5 lines going and were also starting to even make some of the sub components again. Best example is an industrial water heater that was $1800 when made in China and took over a month form production to a US warehouse. GE totally redesigned the heater for ease of manufacturing and to update the model and it now costs $1200 and takes 30 minutes form the manufacturing line to the warehouse. In addition, a plastics parts supplier built a factory on the Indiana side of the Ohio River less than one hour away to supply the plant adding an additional 200 high paying jobs to the Louisville metro area.

    • Nominally adding 1/2 the current value of PSX to COP we are about at the all time high reached back in 2008 $94/s). The BIG difference is the divi (combined PSX COP) was over 50% less in June 2008.

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