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  • stenchcloud stenchcloud Apr 25, 2013 10:23 AM Flag

    Once Again,There You Are..................

    Standing there alone,as the rain beginz,watching the bus pull away,packed with all the happy faces,surf boardz strapped to the roof.You could have been on there too,seated next to the smiling,jolly Fat Chick,but noooo,You swung for the fence,and hit on the Hot Chick,allured by Her Brite red lip stick,and did not notice the crudz of make up caked on like plaster.She took all Your money while out on town,then slammed the door in Your face when You attempted to kizz Her GoodNight.Now,as You stand there,alone ,looking down at the bag in hand,the drizzle turnz into a steady rain,and suddenly She appearz,looks You right in the eye again,with her doe eyez,the rain gently falling upon her face,and You can't resist,and lean toward to embrace,but panic when You realize the bag is still in Your hand,and You can't let go,and it is dripping Chitz on Your scuffed wingtipz.You look up at Her,and Her makeup is melting off Her face like wax,staining last nites black sequined gown,and You see all the erosion rutz on Her cheekz,and You begin to scream,hoping this is just a nightmare,You can nstill see the bus slowly moving away,with smiling Fat Babe hanging out the window waving goodbye,while some other Jerk is pinching Her Behindz.

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