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  • stakeholder_9999 stakeholder_9999 May 1, 2013 3:28 AM Flag

    Andrew Lundquist will Alaskans overturn your and Alaska Gov. Parnell's oil tax giveaway?

    I think Alaskans will get the 30,169 qualified signatures from across the state in record time.
    Will the recalls be next be the next order of business?
    Petition booklets ready for Alaska oil Tax referendum

    Associated Press
    Posted: Tuesday, April 30, 2013 7:53 am
    Fairbanks Newsminer

    JUNEAU, Alaska — Petition booklets are ready for the group behind an effort to repeal an oil tax overhaul in Alaska.

    Division of Elections Director Gail Fenumiai said in an email that half the booklets were delivered to the division Monday, with the balance expected Tuesday. She said the referendum committee was expected to pick up the first booklets Tuesday.

    According to Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell, the group "Vote Yes - Repeal the Giveaway" will have until July 13 to gather at least 30,169 qualified signatures from across the state to get the measure on next year's ballot.

    The Legislature this month passed an oil tax cut as a way to boost investment and production. Critics say there are no guarantees Alaskans will see anything in return.

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    • Senator Bill Wielechowski
      For Immediate Release: April 25, 2013

      ConocoPhillips Alaska profits outpace Lower 48, Canada,
      America, and Europe – Combined

      ANCHORAGE – Senator Bill Wielechowski (D – Anchorage) applauded ConocoPhillips on another quarter in which profits from Alaska operations exceeded a half of a billion dollars.

      “After spending three months in Juneau listening to complaints about the competitive disadvantage of doing business in Alaska, public records once again indicate near record profits from Alaska operations,” said Senator Wielechowski.

      ConocoPhillips financial statements released today indicate 1st quarter profits in Alaska of $543 million. Adjusted earnings in Alaska exceeded those in the Lower 48, Canada, Latin America, and Europe combined. Capital expenditures in Alaska increased 13% to $262 million.

      A non-partisan Legislative Research Report showed Alaska’s profits per barrel continued to remain among the highest in the world, at $27.99 per barrel, much higher than the $17.80 total global average profit per barrel, and over eight times the $3.15 Lower 48 profit per barrel

      “Unfortunately, despite mountains of evidence and statements from oil executives that the tax changes in SB 21 would not induce significant new investments, the Governor and Legislature pushed through their faith-based oil tax changes. A citizen’s referendum to ‘Stop the Giveaway’ is already underway to restore a fair tax system with equitable returns for industry and Alaskans,” stated Senator Wielechowski.

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      • Valdez Republican Mayor Bill Walker to run against Sean Parnell.

        Bill Walker declares intent for 2nd run at Alaska governor's office
        Scott Woodham|

        April 25, 2013
        Alaska Dispatch

        As a portent of one major theme Walker's campaign will focus on, hovering always around the proceeding were the memories of three political titans known for their advocacy of Alaska as an "owner state" selling its resources for the greatest return possible, former governors Bill Egan, Hickel and Jay Hammond. Walker referred to the three late governors often as examples of the kind of focus and devotion that Alaska's leadership has lost over the years, qualities he said he aims to return to the governor's office.

        Citing Hickel's famous ultimatum to the major North Slope leaseholders, Walker expressed dissapointment that Alaska has gone from "You drill or we will" to Alaska's political leaders standing back expecting other parties to act for the state.


        Walker stressed several times his intention to run because of a desire to fight for the state's interest in developing its resources. He said that the recent reform bill, known as SB 21, was one reason he decided to run for the governor's office again.

        He said that he would not have voted or supported the tax cut, worth an estimated billion dollars per year in the short term. But he said he accepts the will of the people if voters reject a referendum to repeal the cut currently in the works to get on the August ballot.

        "I hate what I see out there," Walker said in one of his most forceful moments. "Alaska has gone
        from an owner state to an owned state, and we have no one to blame but ourselves. Shame on us. That will change when I'm governor."

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