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  • stenchcloud stenchcloud May 5, 2013 9:13 PM Flag

    Natural Gas Rally Over.

    NG lookz like it has reached the high end of its usual trading range,and the only impetus for possible further uptick may be down the road politicaly,,if export rulez change,or a bad hurricane knockz The Seatz Cushion out of Don 69s' Handz. Look for a sharp Wedgy from The Yanksterz this week,with Your undies knotted so tight that Longz will sustain stiff Neckz. I plan to get in around 58ish,possibly lower if circumstances pointz to lower lowz.

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    • blair.wagner May 6, 2013 2:59 PM Flag

      Going higher,b4 it is over!

    • frn89yggo May 6, 2013 5:28 AM Flag

      `$3.75 might hold up this summer. One by one the utilities are going to natural gas for electricity. Natural gas is looking to win some trucking market too. Next fall isn't that far away this year.

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      • While briefly looking at a NG chart on Henry Hub,it clearly delineates the high end is 5 bucks over the last 15 years,with the exception of a few brief,short lived spikez into double digitz,and that was then,and this is now,whereas fracking and domestic production has flooded the market to the point of unprofitability to purchase new rigz and pay union wages to some slobz with a bucket of grease in his handz.The rally lookz to be over for oil too,near term,as the #$%$ have clearly demonstrated who holdz the upper hand in middle East,and Iran ceased barking about The Strait,handing over the lime light to lil' Kim,who nobody gives a hoot in hell about anyway,when it comes to energy. Even a shift to tech is not looking attractive currently,with stalwortz like MSFT,QCOM,BRCM,ect,all at or near 52 week highz,peaking on recent runz. I'm out,and predict a market wide,dramatic correction,which may include rounds of Flash Crashes,and all indexes being toppled. It is then,that $tenchCloud will emerge from the back seatz of one of Hiz Classic Convertiblez, and feast,preferably in energy sector,with 6% + yields on Divs alone. Natural Gas probably settle around 3 bucks soon,and Don69 can continue flexing His Olive Oil Physique in the mirror,while imagining He looks like Pop-Eye.

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