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  • stenchcloud stenchcloud May 7, 2013 9:18 AM Flag

    The Calm Before The Storm..........................

    Thingz are looking very rosy,N.Korea cooling heels,Iran has #$%$,market continues to climb,then We have This Castle,with a siege scenario setting up,for the fast approaching $62.50s,that were quietly tunneking into place for several months.An epic battle is about to unfold here,and I am going to sit this one out,and see how the cookie crumblez. I doubt the rall continues much further then 62.50,where I think there will be enough arbitrage in place for a earl settlement,if it even reaches the strike between now and then. Cash will be the real King Of The Hill when the rope snaps during the Tug- O- War,and the the True Big Boyz are going to once again slaughter the coup attempt by the inferior brainiacs that put together the plot to get it above 62.50.Then We have beta itself,in price of crude,which StenchCloud seems to think will get below 75 by September,and could begin its'plunge at any moment,and a swift 10 dollar drop will catch plenty of Wig Shotz by surprise. You'll be wishing You made a million Dollarz,to fix that sore crack in Your Can,later this month.

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