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  • cavu2020 cavu2020 Aug 25, 2013 4:54 PM Flag

    G Sachs

    These folks number one pick for the next twelve months is MRO. Marathon Oil.. Anyone want to take a stab at this. I would like some perspective.

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    • I agree with the GS pick,only because I was advised by some wealthy slob the same advice 2 weeks ago,as He waived His nostril picking pinky in the air. getting in this fall after a substantial dip is the suggestion.

    • GS undoubtedly has an specific agenda whereby an MRO "pick" will play into THEIR agenda's favor. If it also plays into your favor it is pure chance.

    • I like them but don't believe they hold a candle to COP for the following reasons:
      1) cop has better US exposure in the oil and gas areas including the Gulf
      2)COP has a lower PE
      3) cop has a better dividend
      4) cop earnings are better in respect to the other majors esp for the last quarter and future estimates.
      several analysts have come out and said COP is the best of the majors and has the best prospects, momentum.
      add to that I have been in this for almost 4 yrs and it has averaged an annual return for me over 22% compounded. counting spinoffs, dividends and appreciation and not counting covered options income

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