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  • oilcursecentury oilcursecentury Aug 31, 2013 11:41 AM Flag

    wealth system

    do you agree that if cop were to continue to operate in far off oil hot spots such as libya and many of these type countries,explicit pressure must be put on that countries gov't and the us gov't in which the local peoples can survive and have a fair share through the work they put in.

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    • lots of assumptions there, one that they would listen, two that the people work when 50% or more are unemployed. Do you realize what the ARAB SPRING really was? It was about food shortages caused by hyperinflation by the Bernanke policies or Obama policies that caused food to go up 100% in arab countries This became a problem because some of the despots did not increase the welfare to those not working. After insurgencies in several countries the United Em=erittus of Arab (Saudia Arabia) gave out huge increases and avoided the uprisings. It has nothing to do with them wanting more freedom. In fact the al quaeda groups getting into power because of our ineptness are doing just the opposite on freedom issues. We are now going to attack Syria for the same thing we did to the people at Waco. This lunacy has to stop with us interfering were we are not needed or wanted. We are not the worlds parents. We have our own serious problems and i am not an ISOLATIONIST

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