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  • rookluse rookluse Sep 26, 2013 12:37 PM Flag

    Help the VAN family

    Van family are stuck in Greece and have been descendents of Grecian royalty since forever, but, in the changing climate of Greece, it is necessary for them to relocate. Having had a minor role in the Greek Mint Mr. Van has $45 million as his disposal but can not transport the money out of Greece. If you will send $250 and your personal bank info, he will electronically transfer the $45 million to that account and you can keep 10% for your helping the rightful leaders of Greece get the hell out of Dodge. That is $4.5 MILLION dollar just to accept the MILLIONS for a few days. Oh, the $250 is for bank fees. heeheeheehee ever see a letter like this.

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    • Yes, I have received a letter from the Van family, about two years ago. They wanted me to help them hide/shield $500million from taxation by the Greek government. I agreed to allow them to electronically the full $500million into my bank account. They promised me $50million.

      A week later, the $500million was deposited into my bank account. And two weeks later they withdrew $450million, leaving me with the $50million that they had promised. I have great respect and trust in the Van family and would do business with them any time.

    • If you do not like my humor, please go buy National Greek Banks, as posted by someone who sold COP and wants you to also sell COP, and buy, NGB.

    • Posters here might be brain dead new study indicates. Top scientists, (for clarity sake, "thu scientistss") have data that suggests the "sense of humor" most humans have enjoyed since birth has somehow been stripped from posters on the COP board. This phenom is unexplainable and only equaled by the DUK board. Go check it out. Thu scientistss, though funded by government funds to work only on promoting climate propaganda for pay, did spend some of their valuable social agenda time running computer humor models only to discover, nothing. Nothing here. Nothing at all. Sad, sad, sad.

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