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  • germantownes germantownes Jan 24, 2014 3:04 PM Flag

    DOW is Falling, PPS of COP is Falling and I Don't Care

    I'm not worried at all about fluctuations in the market or the pps of COP.

    During my career, I was a blue collar worker who methodically invested in dividend paying stocks/bonds/k401k's for the last 25 years of my career. Now I have a portfolio of about 25 investments and they pay me approximately $35k, in dividends and interest, annually. I have no debts and live quite comfortably off my monthly Social Security and pension incomes.

    The reason I don't worry about the fall in the market or CSX is because all of the $35k that I generate annually is reinvested in purchasing more shares of the investments which generated them, every cent is reinvested. So, when the market/CSX drops, I'm averaging down and buying more shares. And when the drops occur, I'm buying at lower prices and getting more shares. The strategy/question is, would you rather buy something at a low or a high price?

    And, because of my strategy and the fact that I don't need the dividend/interest, or the monies in my 401k's, to live on, I can ride out any loss that the market can dish out. If you are a young investor, consider the strategy that I've outlined to you in this email, diversify your investments in good dividend paying stocks/investments, reinvest the dividends, and be methodical in your due diligence and in prioritizing a portion of your income toward investing toward retirement.

    And, I must add that this strategy played out really well during the Great Recession of 2008-2013. While so many investors were panicking and selling, jumping off rooftops, I was reinvesting all my dividends/interest and from 2008-2011 I contributed $15k annually to my 401k plan at work. I must say that the greatest profits that I generated from my investments came from investing during the Great Recession.

    Because I don't need my dividend/interest income or my 401k's, I'll leave them respectively to my heirs and to charity. That way I'll help build up my family's future while supporting those in need.

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