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  • colonelflashmanvc colonelflashmanvc Jan 25, 2014 1:00 AM Flag

    global warming and a historical perspective

    dear vikkitrader and all others on the topic . I invite you to step back and look at this from a broader perspective. while the facts you list may well be true and im told 97% of scientists agree with global warming theory , remember that at any givenpoint in history most learned men were of like mind . In fact, almost always as time passes ,what these men of science believe is proven to be wrong . People have a bias to the belief systems of their time , but if you objectively consider what the centuries have done to the "certainties" of science you must be skeptical of the certainties of our time . Imagine what the world may be like in 2 ,3 5, centuries . In my 60 years of life I have been told constantly that the world is doomed yet life goes on and keeps improving for humanitry in general .
    Consider the recent theory of "Peak Oil ". Im sure that the same proponents of man caused global warming were as certain of that mistaken assumption. Our nation once thought to be on the verge of energy shortages is awash in oil and gas . If only we had a government willing to allow the people to fully benefit from their own resources ,imagine how different our situation would be .The obliteration of " Peak OIl " theory so quickly is an obvious example of how wrong the unanimous opinion of the learned can be .
    I could be wrong f course , but so far the score for doomsday theorists is ZERO. ANd I expect that in a hundred years people will look on our befuddled actions with sympathetic amusement.
    While it is natural for each generation to observe their advancements over all [preceding generations with awe and an inflatwed sense of mastery . We are the primitive ancestors of future generations . A future I believe will be truly amazing and enlightened . the end of the world has never come and it probably never will . ( unless muslims nuke us all .but that's another topic)
    So when it comes to global warming if you really think about it , probably ,,,,,,, not .

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    • True, scientists have been wrong many times and popular delusions happen. But given the magnitude of harm global warming theory predicts, is it really sensible discard the whole theory and pretend there's no risk?

      Just because the boy cried wolf too many times doesn't mean you shouldn't keep watch for a wolf.

      The proper debate should be what actions should be taken, given the known risk, not whether the theory is 100% true or 100% false. That's mental masturbation (ask nadsmis about that subject - he's a pro).

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      • vikki, you continue to embarrass yourself. your analogies are ridiculous too. what became of all the Titanic quips? Gawd.

        and - what is mental masturbation? i googled and copied this excerpt for you...

        "In this case, the crime of mental masturbation is akin to the crime of so-called TMI — divulging too much personal information in a social setting. It’s a matter of etiquette. But continuing to call it mental masturbation is anti-intellectualism, the ploy of the dim witted. And it gives one of my favorite activities a bad name."

        dim witted - fits you. also, pls stop sending me personal emails. i will not open them much less respond. go away. it's over....

    • may I recommend "Extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds" by George Mackay . This book is an eye opener and gives insights into todays world though it was written over a hundred years ago

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