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  • rlbeard6734 rlbeard6734 Feb 9, 2014 4:02 PM Flag


    today there is an article where in UK they found footprints in rock they claim to be 800k yrs old. How long does science say it would take to turn a footprint into rock at the fastest? I await your answer.

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    • I don't know how long scientists say it would take to turn a footprint into rock, but I do know, if an energy-sponsored scientist questioned that, you would probably agree the science is bad.

      In other words, your question exposes your hypocrisy.

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      • no I just know of where in Missouri there is a boot print in rock over an inch deep and science would say it predates any man wearing a boot in this continent, it leaves a quandry in my mind on dating of items such as dinosaurs which I agree existed and some in the ocean may still exist, that giants once existed but not as long ago as science believes. I have a problem with carbon dating and I have a science degree in chemistry. It is just a lot of theories in the past and in the present have been and will be disproven and one should not put a lot of faith or personal weight into them unless they are proven. Man in his infinite wisdom twists things to fit what he wants. and Logic does not always win out nor does a book of history that has never been disproven as much as man has tried.

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