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  • foxnewsbschecker3 foxnewsbschecker3 Feb 10, 2014 2:09 PM Flag

    FoxNews viewers do not understand the difference between 'weather' and 'climate'.

    If you listen to them, you will hear them say "LOOK HOW COLD IT IS IN ______". But they ignore what's going on in all other locations on the planet. I'm not saying they are stupid, I'm saying they are being misled by the fine people at Fox.

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    • Did you see the weather report for Mexico City today? Chili today and hot tomale.

      Hahahaha. And it has been said that I have no sense of humor. I DO TOO. There are many of my followers who will enlighten you. Bring it on you sadist.

    • What part of stupid do you not understand? Global Warming bring it on.

    • Hello everyone! Thank you all for reading my posts. They are good, aren't they?

      I want you to know that soon I will have a web site available so that you can all join me and my multitude of followers. You will be able to Facebook Like my articles. Those articles will consist of information that I find on the internet and then paste and copy as if they were my original thoughts or as if I somehow had privileged information.

      There will be photos and cartoons for those of you who can't read. There will be an email address for those of you who wish to contribute monetarily to my cause. There will be a section that will be R rated and for adults only. HeeHee.

      Aloha Abar. Vikki is Great.


    • No. They are stupid to be that easily misled.

    • fox, I will have this looked into ASAP.The FCC really ought to be involved.This is pure derelection of duty and I will not tolerate same.We are many and I am strong.I will be heard.I will be followed.I will be obeyed.My minions knock on your door.They are like the Babalonian hordes of the Netherworld.The apocalypse is at hand and I am the savior.Repent or I will have you reported to the Yahoo Abuse Team.


    • You soapbox junkies are not "signhencetests" and have zero first hand knowledge on the subject. Just what you are shown on TV by media talking head. Where do they get their info? From their editors of course. Who tells them what to print? Their bosses of course. Now, pick a media and make it religious. Climb a soap box and start crowing, buy a Prius and get a fancy wine glass, like in South Park, and make an evangelistic movement, for your children, or, for the Al Gores of the world. Yes, carry their water. Want real Global warming? Go read the Neanderthal News Daily from 40,000 years ago. Headline: The ice is melting! By the way, I thought Global Warming was passe. Remember the looming ice age of the 80s? It is NOW,,,,,,,,,,THE CRAZY CRIMINAL CITIZENS CAUSING CLIMATE CHANGE CAUCUS, or, the 5Cs for short. Yall can use my new name if you want to. or, the GOVERNMENT FUNDED SIGHENCE POLITICAL POWER GRAB. CONTROLLED POPULATIONS. Want a real credible undeniable threat to human existence on the planet? Religion. Perfectly fine when it concerns only you but, on a Global level, it is only fine when ALL other religions are destroyed. After the war, the people left will be worshiping "GIANT MUSHROOMS". The nuclear kind. You do know that nuclear bombs will fit in a car? How is that for gloom and doom? Bought a Prius, how about that.

    • I know, right? You don't hear GWD's talking about the Olympic games in Socci being mired in hot weather, or the heat in Cali this winter.

      It's GLOBAL temperatures that matter, something the GWD's don't seem to understand.

      (btw, GWD = Global Warming Denier. Feel free to use my acronym.)

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