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  • crewface crewface Feb 11, 2014 3:13 PM Flag

    Oil company stock

    I have noticed that a lot of "oil company investors" do not like their choice of stock. They constantly post political bs about nothing, except it is obviously against humans using fossil fuels. Just good little commies saying what they were told. This is an energy company with a very dirty product, so, if you are an investor, AND a media mandated activist that was TOLD to grind an axe, you are conflicted. If you are JUST a New World Order activist against all human activity, well, you sirs and sisters, are outdone. Go to the DUK message board and look at a real dedicated parrot. He has single handed shut down the DUK ENERGY BOARD for a couple of years. Go learn how to be a good little commie activist. I have a lot of this stock and want it prosper selling DIRTY OIL to Prius owners. Buy a bicycle, have the Prius crushed, and, do not be an energy snob hypocrite. So, you bought a Prius. Good for you. Oh, they use fossil fuels. Did you know that?

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