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  • crewface crewface Feb 21, 2014 3:00 PM Flag

    Global Warming religion

    Yes, the topic is NEFARIOUS MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only the high priests can address the issue. The issue is not an issue because we say so. The only issue is how fast you all bow and scrape before the ALMIGHTY SIGHINGTESTS. They will say who gets energy and who has to freeze to death in the New World Order. When the New World Order United Nations Global Government speaks, people will die. Go read the Elberton, Ga Stones written in End Of the World Babel Speak. It states the world's population will be reduced to 500 million for the NWO buzzword, "SUSTAINABILITY". The religion is to be taken on FAITH because there are no reliable facts, only what the SIGHINGTESTS are paid to publish. No one can publish without the government's OK. The millions of really stupid people hacking out the latest government paid pseudo-science bs do not realize what the solution will be to implement "SUSTAINABILITY". That is right, your extermination. "SUSTAINABILITY" states the population must be under 500 million,,,,,let us see,,,,population now=7billion minus 500 million, carry the one, and that leaves 6.5 billion with a giant B to be KILLED. Wow, I wonder how they will do that? Virus, War, Genetics? Maybe start with a religion that will be based on "SUSTAINABILITY"? Yes, Vickitrader, your genes will be deemed, non-suitable, and will be eliminated from future gene pools. This is an OIL COMPANY with really dirty products for PROFIT. This is NOT the climate environmental, religious "my poopie don't stink but yours does", Al Gore is God but George Bush is Satan, "my gov. paid sighingtests are not crooks", blah, blah. DIRTY OIL FOR PROFIT. PROFIT. And hey, what is the real answer to Man Made Global Politically Motivated Power Grab? Our answer is to ignore them and their answer is to get rid of the cause. Man. All of them except the elite. Vickitraitor, are you an elite? or, a bleating sheep? BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaa......

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    • I was lucky, decided to keep my 500 PSX, wish I can say it was my great knowledge of investments, but it was more about indecision than great skill.. Feel like somebody snuck up on me and slipped $20 grand in my pocket!


    • FINALLY !!! The snow has melted in my driveway.

    • I had to scrape the snow / ice off of my windshield this am.

    • The good news, for you, is that you will be dead before my "told you so" will reach your ears buried deep under the warming soil. Why not go read about this subject, instead of arguing so vehemently against the evidence? No one wants global warming, but if (and) it is coming, why not do what can be done to change that course? It was conservatives who thought the Ruskies were going to take over the country, not liberals. Who was right on that one?

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      • So, what are u, anti-conservative or Anti-American? Oh, both. Ok, how about I do NOT go read about it. There is no need to GO any where to "read" about it "Mr. Social Poopypants", (has a nice ring to doesn't it?), it is 24/7, year after year, Prius owner with champagne glass in hand after Prius owner with champagne glass in had, feeling guilty because social agenda world dominaters told YOU it was YOUR fault, so, to relieve your guilt, you spout slogans, "undeniable pseudo guesses", and rampant sighingtest propaganda. Why? Not to save the world, but to gain CONTROL of it. That is right, just a simple new "religion", faith based ONLY, to make YOU feel good about YOUR guilt. I do not feel guilt about the environment. You and vikki-non-elite do, 24/7, what an awful feeling you must be going thru, day after day. Sorry, once again, this is an investment board for DIRTY OIL. Got that as you drive, not bicycle with an OILED chain, to your Texas oil job. Oh, and Vikki wants your jib blasted in her face. She said she likes it.

      • I like the cut of your jib, sailor!!

      • tex...and Vikki... Its hard to believe but in the supermarket corner where they push all of the snow, there is still a mound left. Kids were throwing snow balls at each other.

      • Texasholdemjones, you state, "No one wants global warming."

        Frankly I don't care whether or not global warming occurs or not, bring it on and let's see what happens. Maybe it'll benefit humankind, we can adapt to whatever changes it brings. You assume the changes will be bad, where's your proof?

    • I have my car on "AUTO" temperature control .
      " AUTO " senses the outdoor temp and automatically blows in AC or warm/hot air. Its blowing in hot air for the last three days. How come ?

    • Where is Vikki on this one?

    • Definition of "religion": : an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and rules used to worship a god or a group of gods, (think "Al Gore" and "thu sighingtests" here) or, : an interest, a belief, or an activity that is very important to a person or group and taken on faith only.

    • This is EPIC!!!!

      Patrick Moore - one of the co-founders of Greenpeace testified before the US Senate and said that there is no correlation between global warming and man's activities. That's like the Pope standing up in Vatican Square and telling the faithful that Christianity is all a hoax.

    • my-my-my---- what a sad state of affairs Mr. Crew. They say that IGNORANCE IS BLISS". Well you must be the happiest man on the face of the earth. But of course I do need to understand that Mr Crew (who probably flunked junior high school science) knows much more than any of the PHD's that have spent a lifetime studying climate and climate change. Oh yes and probably getting all that BIG MONEY you are talking about from the secret conspirators that are out to destroy capitalism (who are they anyway)--- name some names Mr. Crew or put a sock in it. And where did they get all that big money anyway? But of course the BIG MONEY spent by the Kochs and others using silly science to refute real data using a small number of highly paid pseudo-scientists, is something that you have no idea is happening?

      It was just 10 years ago or so that the science community warned of coming of larger storm systems due to climate change. And they even had the audacity of predicting hurricanes that would trend up the east coast and possibility flood New York City sometime in the next 50 years. How silly of them. Poor predictors don't you think?

      Anyway now the same science that brought people like you computers-airplanes-modern plastics-antibiotics-etc.... now sadly predict that (probably in the next 50 years or sooner?) there will be massive plagues in the middle east and africa where hundreds of millions will perish. But yeah--- it is only Africa and Asia--- so who cares? right Mr. Crew? Anyway i am so glad that i came across your learned opinion so now i know what is really going on in the world. Now I too am in a state of bliss.

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      • I named names. Al (the hotel raised rich son who never had a working job in his life) Gore, and the U.N. An ignorant person would listen to someone say they know what the weather is going to be like in 50 years because they can forge "statistics, trends, past indirect data, etc) and believe them. Faith and religion are strange things. For most, religion is like grasping at straws in a tornado, you can see others holding them and smiling but they elude you so you will take any thing in their place, like, econazireligion. As an for an understanding of physics and factual science, I think unless you are the PHD, you would lose against me. Science is one of my loves, but pseudo-science is like pseudo-singing, looks good on paper but does not really sound good, at all. You are welcome "entropy guy" for the schooling, but hope you get a handle on your organizing problems.

      • That is absolutly amazing that there had never been any major storms or hurricanes along the east coast before all this global warming ..... and now your scientists say there will be sever storms and hurricanes .....and then they happen...........Oh wait, they have had storms and hurricanes along the east coast since the beginning of time.......well, now your B.S. scientists don't seem like such the prognosticators that you make them out to be.

      • Ok, dummy, what is the square root of 2? Ok, now who is the PHD? Oh, also, what is your favorite color? Red, no, blue? D.A.

      • Well, I can name the THREE most basic simply machines and you can not. You will get it wrong even after looking it up. Yes, the basics of movement and you really will get it wrong, like the "Climate gods" you worship. That would be ignorance. I also know the date of my birth, but you do not, again ignorance. I am not the smartest #$%$ on the planet, but, I do not quack other people's bought opinions as a religion. I hate con men and scams, Mr. Gore. What an idiot.

    • "The issue is not an issue because we say so. "

      That is the same philosophy that the communists and their dictators practiced. When atheistic communism collapsed, the old guard had no where to go but to the Eco#$%$ movement. And that's where they currently roost, with their godless nature movement. Their motto, "A blade of grass in the field, a tree frog, a cow all have the same rights and value as a human being does." The Eco#$%$ movement and their propaganda are powerful and well-established in this country. Yes, they want to reduce the population at all costs, but they always point the finger at those that need to be eliminated, they are too important to be eliminated themselves.

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      • The Medieval Warm Period (MWP), Medieval Climate Optimum, or Medieval Climatic Anomaly was a time of warm climate in the North Atlantic region that may also have been related to other climate events around the world during that time, including in China[1] and other countries,[2][3][3][4][5][6][7] lasting from about AD 950 to 1250.[8] It was followed by a cooler period in the North Atlantic termed the Little Ice Age. Some refer to the event as the Medieval Climatic Anomaly as this term emphasizes that effects other than temperature were important.[9][10]
        Despite substantial uncertainties, especially for the period prior to 1600 for which data are scarce, the warmest period of the last 2,000 years prior to the 20th century very likely occurred between 950 and 1100, but temperatures were probably between 0.1 °C and 0.2 °C below the 1961 to 1990 mean and significantly below the level shown by instrumental data after 1980. Proxy records from different regions show peak warmth at different times during the Medieval Warm Period, indicating the heterogeneous nature of climate at the time.[11] Temperatures in some regions matched or exceeded recent temperatures in these regions, but globally the Medieval Warm Period was cooler than recent global temperatures.[8]
        The Little Ice Age (LIA) was a period of cooling that occurred after the Medieval Warm Period (Medieval Climate Optimum).[1] While it was not a true ice age, the term was introduced into the scientific literature by François E. Matthes in 1939.[2] It has been conventionally defined as a period extending from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries,[3][4][5] or alternatively, from about 1350 to about 1850,[6] though climatologists and historians working with local records no longer expect to agree on either the start or end dates of this period, which varied according to local conditions. NASA defines the term as a cold period between AD 1550 and 1850 and notes three particularly cold intervals: one beginning about

      • Unfortunately, the American public has allowed these Eco-Nazis to embed themselves into positions of government power. Their lies are like Joseph Goebbels philosophy on propaganda, "More people will believe the big lies, as long as they are repeated enough".

        Some in government, who bombard the public with the Global Warming Catastrophe, have become very rich. Al Gore currently has a net worth of close to $250million, more than Romney. If you're a scientist and toe the party 'Global Warming' line, then you will be nicely funded for your research with government grants, taxpayer money. But if you are a scientist and don't kowtow to the government position on global warming, then NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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