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  • sho261 sho261 Feb 26, 2014 6:18 AM Flag

    Global warming debunked.. now what Vikktrader? Part 1

    I can copy and paste just like you.. Does this admit me to Mensa? NO? Maybe AL GORE can get me in.

    Sixteen prominent scientists recently signed an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal expressing their belief that the theory of global warming is not supported by science. This has not been getting the attention it deserves because politicians (looking at you Al Gore) are frankly embarrassed to admit that they are wrong about the phenomenon known as global warming. Not only has our planet stopped warming, but we may be headed toward a vast cooling period.

    New data shows that in fact the Earth has not warmed at all over the last 15 years. In fact, the Daily Mail reports that the Met Office and the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit, after taking data from nearly 30,000 stations around the world, have found that the earth stopped warming in 1997. The report suggests we are headed toward a new solar cycle, Cycle 25, which NASA scientists have predicted will be significantly cooler than Cycle 24 which we are in now. This data largely contradicts the accepted theory among the public that carbon dioxide pollution is causing global warming and even proposes that we are actually heading toward global cooling.

    I share the same frustration in the political and scientific community that the sixteen scientists express. Why did we all hop on board the global warming bandwagon started by politicians when the scientific community didn’t back it? Since 1998, 31,000 scientists have signed a petition agreeing with the fact that there is no scientific evidence or consensus that man-made global warming exists while the Inter governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has the support of only 2,500 scientists. Yet, for some reason it is accepted that global warming is scientifically undeniable.

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    • New WINTER STORM WATCH for Southern Missouri for the coming weekend (3/1-3/2). Come on al, tell us what you think now. Winter has yet to give us any hint of being over. BTW, where are you Al?

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    • Now if this was an honest attempt to try to figure out which of the scientists were more credible on the issue so we could get nearer the truth, I would love the discussion. But you obviously post this to support YOUR quasi-religious view (not mine) that global warming is NOT happening.

      I, unlike you and your ilk, and open to change, based on evidence. I just want the best evidence.

      Thanks for the article, it's an interesting read, but in my view contains some fatal errors, which I won't bore you with since you don't really concern yourself with scientific details.

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      • vikki, how come I need an ax to get out of my driveway ?

      • Go Vikki go.Dont let them win.Nice shot you gave him to.You do that great.I just love it.You are right, you ARE the BEST

      • "Thanks for the article, it's an interesting read, but in my view contains some fatal errors, which I won't bore you with since you don't really concern yourself with scientific details" You cannot even respond with an intelligent answer. Just a bunch of dribble... "fatal errors"???? Get real..

        Here is more copy and paste for you.. Wow.. I will be watching the mail for my entry into MENSA..

        Arctic Blast Sends Temps Plunging to 50 Degrees Below Normal
        By Alexander Smith

        A blast of cold air from the Arctic locked swaths of the United States in a deep freeze Wednesday with temperatures falling to as much as 30 degrees below average.

        The icy punch arrived Tuesday and is the first of two Arctic air masses to descend from the north this week. The second will arrive across Friday and Saturday and could see temperatures plummet to 50 degrees below average in some places, according to the National Weather Service.

        "It is getting so cold that people will really feel it as soon as they step outside," said Kevin Roth, lead meteorologist at The Weather Channel. "We won’t see the really low numbers that we did in January, but the main difference will be the much lower highs in the daytime."

    • Sho, is some fancy cut and pasting here, I hope vikki is impressed, I am. I read the first 2 lines, and the last 2 line, like I do with any lawyering or fancy medical talk rampage jargon. The Neanderthals worshiped ice cubes, I like guns and money, Vikki worships Al Gore, Al Gore worships Al Gore, most religions worship the MEN who stand before them with punishment in their eyes and voice, etc. Take the money and power away and the men left standing are, just men left standing, not gods.

    • Part 2

      Part of this is due to Al Gore’s 2006 documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, which has championed the cause to stop global warming and was shown throughout America including in classrooms. Gore dramatized the effects of carbon dioxide on climate change and some say he even fabricated the evidence shown in the film.

      But, the 2007 documentary, The Great Global Warming Swindle, (which I am sure you have never heard of) received no such publicity despite the fact that its arguments against global warming were backed by scientists, academics, writers and environmentalists. The film's major point is that the real data shows that carbon dioxide decrease or increase follows temperature decrease or increase -- not the other way around. The film cites that when the earth gets warmer, the ocean releases carbon dioxide and when the earth gets cooler, the ocean absorbs carbon dioxide.

      It is estimated that we have spent around $106.7 billion of taxpayer money from 2003-2010 to try to understand and “fix” global warming. And the spending doesn’t stop there. The same research shows the government has proposed to spend around $1.4 billion in 2012 alone on climate change issues. The fact of the matter is we are spending egregious amounts of money on an issue that there is no scientific evidence to back.

      Whether you believe in global warming or not, I urge you to do the research. Don’t just listen to politicians. Look at the opinions of scientists, look at the data and form your own opinion because the debate over whether or not global warming exists is becoming too expensive to not be educated on it. I am confident that once people actually look at the data, they will come to the same conclusions I have. And any believers in global warming after that are welcome to fly out to Alaska and explain their opinions to the residents of Jim River which nearly reached the record for the coldest temperature in the U.S. yesterday before their thermometer failed (most likely because it was too cold) one degree shy of the record at -79 degrees Fahrenheit.

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      • I was an AGW believer until I saw that documentary and started to do my own research. Do yourselves a favor and think back on all the past predictions of doom and gloom and what actually came of them. Not one amounted to a hill of beans. Soon we'll be hearing apocalyptic warnings about the coming ice age from the same people who were preaching the horrors of rising sea levels from global warming. Ironically, the remedy for that cooling will likely be to pump more CO2 into the atmosphere. Just yesterday I saw that very thing being proposed on these forums which shows that the believers are remarkably flexible in their ideology, though not very consistent. lol

        The earth warms and cools in tune with the 11 year solar cycles so debate as you please and spend what you will, but the sun don't care. "Cause and effect" requires an effect to validate the cause. The solar cycle theory holds up very well - we see periodic terrestrial warming and cooling trends in relation to the output of the sun. AGW theory fails because all the models predicted continued warming and rising sea levels which haven't happened and, in fact the warming we did see has partially reversed itself already.

        What AGW does very well is to provide environmentalists and politicians with an effective blunt instrument to wield and also allows anonymous internet personalities a chance to feel superior for a moment.

        It seemed a bit desperate for John Kerry to call climate change a "weapon of mass destruction" so we may get a short respite from the anguished cries of the believers until the next warming period begins and it all begins again. :)

      • Finally someone posts about dirty oil and NOT whacko environazi religious bs. Thank you all for actual posts about dirty oil making me money. I give you all thumbs up for effort. Continue to enlighten us on DIRTY oil business.

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