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  • mahat_magrande mahat_magrande Mar 10, 2014 10:14 AM Flag

    What do environmentalists really know?

    In the year 1974, Eco-Nazis, guaranteed the world that they'd run out of oil before 1990. And that unless everyone reverted to a 'stoneage' system of living and quit burning oil/gas, we were all doomed. They even suggested that monitors, of their own choosing, be allowed into private homes to insure compliance with their recommended thermostat settings.

    Well, that was just another scare tactic from the far left, in order to gain power over the citizens of the world.
    So, their exaggeration/lie about the impending world lack of oil turned out false. So now the same group of Eco-Nazis, albeit a generation down the road, tries to scare the citizenry with their doom and gloom of 'Global Warming'. They can't come into our homes to check our thermostats but they can cost us a lot of money by enforcing fake 'the sky is falling' fear tactics.

    Let me tell you the truth about these environmentalists. They love nature, the trees, the snail darter fish, the tundra, all forms of flora and fauna; except for human beings. They have a natural loathing for human beings, they even loathe themselves. And they can't wait to begin eradicating the population, except for themselves of course.

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    • If global warming is eco#$%$, more than half the world is eco#$%$. Perhaps you're the outlier and your perspective is skewed.

      Your comparison of GW to peak oil is laughable. Peak oil was predicted first by oil companies and had nothing to do with ecology. Technology has delayed peak oil, not failure of ideology.

      Why don't you take your nonsense somewhere that it would be a better fit - like a church revival in backwoods Alabama.

      I trust this clarifies this matter.

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      • Any view or interest that is expressed here that is contrary to your extremism is quickly denounced by you as third grade intellect. (Something of which is still higher than your intellect.) You are not capable of clarifying anything as you post total nonsense. You should seek help for your narcissism. But then again maybe you enjoy being the captain of a crewless ship headed to nowhere in a make believe world.

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