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  • vikkitrader vikkitrader May 13, 2014 3:19 PM Flag

    New Global Warming Evidence

    Read the reports from yesterday that prove the west ice shelf of Antarctica is melting and will fall off in the coming decades. That's 20 feet of sea level rise right there! People have to act now, it's not just theoretical anymore!

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    • Did you ever consider the good created by the increase in atmospheric CO2. For example the rise from 300 ppm to 400 ppm during the last 100 years causes crop yield to increase by 33%. What Obama calls carbon pollution is in fact food for our food.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Whats with you global warming people???The weather patterns on the planet earth have been changing since day one.

    • How many decades, vikki.......Al Gore and so called Global Warming scientists predicted that both polar caps would be gone by in how many decades are you predicting that it will take for 1 side of one polar cap will fall into the ocean. Another question to ask is, if the western side is melting, is the eastern side growing. How much total area of ice are we losing each year! Would that not be more important than one section melting?

    • Really Vikki? would they be as inaccurate as your predictions regarding BP demise?

      You are funny - sometimes....

    • Same self serving mouth pieces (liberal media) spouting out edits from the 3rd world leaders of the United Nations, and vikkitrader (socialist mouth piece propaganda spouter), is one of their zombie talking point frogs. Did I just call someone a frog? Well, yes I did. Why? It croaks like a frog, over and over, same croak. You know vikkitrader, I have never seen you address United Nations Agenda #21. Have you ever read it? Have you ever heard of the Elberton Georgia Guide Stones? Well, if you have, what do you think about the part where they reduce the world's population from 7 billion to 1/2 billion. That is a lot of killing. Oh, it is just a statement now? Ok, wasn't "Mein Kampf", just a book. I mean, the German leader who wrote the book did not mean, or do what was written many years before the mass exterminations began? So, given the power you want the UN to have, what is going to stop them from doing what they say? Lack of power? Yep. Global Climate Power Grab Extinction Level Event looming for the NON-ELITE. Address the real issue and it is not melting ice. Why do communist HAVE to spout slogans? A religion. Pure religion, taken on faith only. Faith in 3rd world UN leaders.

    • Its May 15. I had to wear a sweater today although I shut down my thermostat so the heat doesn't come up. After IS MAY 15.

    • Its been so freaking cold and wet in the upper midwest ( MN) the farmers have only 15 days to get their crops in. It's too late after June 1 for their normal crop plantings.So if you have escalating food prices through the roof this year because they couldn't get their crops in you will know why. At this rate we will have to import all of it. Freaking proof positive the Global warming experts are full of horse manure! We need HEAT! You bozo's haven't got a shred of scientific evidence to support your silly theories.

    • Great, can't wait. Hopefully the 20 foot rise of ocean drowns the liberal douche bags in new york and california.

    • jeffsdavis May 13, 2014 6:43 PM Flag

      is this relevant to this post?

    • my heat just turned off two days ago.

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