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  • cabillhoward cabillhoward Jan 7, 2013 5:29 PM Flag

    VANDA -CHMP- Issued a Warning One Day Prior -Regarding FANAPT

    On December 13, 2012 one day before the Connecticut shootings, a warning was issued to Vanda Pharmaceutical Inc. the manufacturer of Fanapt, from The Committee for Medicinal Product for Human(CHMP) who advised against marketing authorization and stated the risk surpassed the rewards. Adam Lanza was on Fanapt. Side effects reported were violent outburst and fits of rage.

    The days that followed the elementary school shootings in Connecticut were devastating for this country and only days before Christmas. A Christmas that would never come for a town in mourning after their little children and their teachers were gunned down. It's one of the most heartbreaking moments in this country's history. This isn't the kind of things that happened when I was growing up, teachers and children were not gunned down like animals in our schools. These kind of random acts of violence we see occurring by the hands of children have become common and we need to find answers.

    We must find out why children have become so violent. The answer is actually right in front of our faces but, deliberately kept out of the mainstream media. Ritalin was heavily introduced into the market for children that were hyper and in the 1990's the widespread use of Psychotropic drugs rose 700%
    Every shooter starting from Columbine was taking psychotropic drugs that had known serious side effects including fits of rage. The warnings issued were not only ignored by the Pharmaceutical companies but were deliberately covered up.
    Pharmaceutical companies have conducted fraudulent, painful experiments 0n animals knowing the animal is not a reliable model for a human being. If the drug is considered safe on a primate or other species it's considered safe for humans. This has resulted in disastrous effects. We do not share 100% of the same DNA as a primate therefore a primate should never be used as a human model.
    Primates waste away in sheer terror in laboratories as I write this. The test they will endure will be only used as a cover up for the pharmaceutical companies to shove their dangerous drugs as quickly as possible into the market.

    Data Fabrication is so widespread there is a name for it, in the United States it is called "Dry Labeling" in Japan it's called "Making" false reports are given stating the drug is safe and effective for humans after being tested on primates and other species.

    Novartis the distributer and owner of Fanapt was the company also behind what was called the worst disaster in medical history, baboon and pig hearts removed from the animal and surgically implanted into a human. In many cases these animals were fully conscience in every case both animal and human died. Covance, Huntingdon Life Sciences, are directly connected with Novartis. The USDA violations against animals are shocking. This a story of modern day witchdoctors at it's best. the CEO of Novartis and his staff has never been held accountable. The warning the distributer and manufacturer were issued clearly stated "the risk of taking Fanapt were not worth the rewards" Also treatment or use longer than five weeks on a human was never established. Fanapt was released by these companies knowing it caused psychotic rages. It's not known if Adam Lanza was diagnosed at birth with this mental disorder or if he simply had ADHD and was given a steady stream of drugs and later became schizophrenic.

    These psychotropic drugs were known to cause serious side effects including aggression, and delusion, Hostility, paranoia, anorgasmia, confusional state, mania, catatonia, mood swings, panic attack, obsessive-compulsive disorder, delirium, polydipsia psychogenic, impulse-control disorder, and major depression. Demand Vanda, Novartis and all of the companies that distributed these drugs to the children and young adults that shot up our schools, malls, movie theaters where so many have died, be held accountable for their actions.

    Do not allow your children to be forced to take psychotropic drugs under any circumstances this is not going to cure your child. Mineral and chemical deficiencies can be cured. In cases of Dementia it was determined simply adding potassium to the diets of those effected cured the symptoms.
    Testing your child for these deficiencies and supplying them with the necessary nutrients and trace minerals they are missing as well as testing for heavy metals can have the necessary results you are seeking. By refusing to give your child psychotropic drugs you may stop another tragedy.

    These drugs are dangerous and as the result have caused people including our children to become dangerous. Until we all come to the realization this is not about gun control it's about the mis-use of psychotropic drugs being prescribed to us and our children.

    NY is the only state that considered a bill to ban the long term use of psychotropic drugs.

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    • Since the openning paragraph is untrue, the rest of your distorted message is not worth any consideration.
      " a warning was issued to Vanda Pharmaceutical Inc....." There was no warning per se by the CHMP. "Adam Lanza was on Fanapt." Unsubstantiated.

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      • Yes Lanza was on Fanapt and yes CHMP issued a warning that stated "The risk did not outweigh the rewards" the drug is known to cause psychotic episodes. For those of you that invest in Psychotropic drug companies, do your research, you are investing in the demise of this country. For more information search, " School shootings and Psychotropic Drugs"

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    • You are clearly dillusional and being idiotic - perhaps there is a psychotropic drug for you - or maybe the potassium isn't working for you today? Fact is, amazing progress has been made in treatments for various neurological disease. Animal testing is not close to sufficient to get drugs approved by the FDA. Were assault weapons available to psychotic individuals when you were growing up?

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      • No not delusional and I can even spell which apparently you cannot. Perhaps you should get off the drugs and read the warning issued by CHMP it's easily found online. The warning isn't the only thing Vanda has to worry about now, the clinical trials were insufficient before release of this drug and the drug was only tested on 500 patients before it was released to 300 million citizens in the U.S. Vanda has big trouble ahead.

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