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  • wavesearcher99 wavesearcher99 Jun 11, 2014 11:45 AM Flag

    trouble with short squeezes-when they end-no natural buyers

    no business being over 10 after last earnings reprt-10 million income-abah

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • the fact that you are looking at the company's value based on the stock's price shows how dumb u are. Its the market cap that matters idiot- not the price that shows the company's value

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      • What matters is not only the market cap (look back at some market caps of tech stocks that we absolutely off the charts high and had no right being there).. is the companies ability to delivery on it's sales targets and have enough money to keep the lights on. They have a product and it could very well sell in the coming years, the problem is short term cash flow. They're going to somehow need to generate cash to get them through (that's what all the indicators and press is saying), it's not that the product won't sell or patients won't request it, the problem is short term (18 months) cash reserves. Secondary offering is what they need and a fairly big one. Price the stock at $11-$12 and sell shares. Investors will buy and then they'll be good.
        The fact that the entire biotech sector is down today (big and small names) by a lot yet this company is hanging in there should tell you something isn't right in Kansas. If it were down a lot I'd feel better about it to be honest...

      • i must be stupid- how the hell did i survive these 53 years- you must be real intelligent-good luck
        dont confuse a bull market with intelligence

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