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  • steveboonlertheidbrider steveboonlertheidbrider Sep 17, 2013 3:55 PM Flag

    Tell Google with 9 Billion Authorized its too large Geez. PMCM has Issued 677 million Period.


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    • NOT COUNTING the preferred shares right now what what the conversion rate on preferred again 1000-1 or 10,000-1 something like that and how many preferred were they giving themselves 10 million was it do the math that's would be ADDED to current count

    • yea and they have been eating it all by keeping the prices low and shorting it to death........ let the sucker bounce up..... buy their own stock i don't care.... but hanging down these levels and only reporting selling CD's? br0 I know dudes that do that from the back of a trunk and make more profit! I have over 5M shares if this sucker that i've been adding to for months now.... if this sucker doesn't start climbing soon i'm gonna dump everything and #$%$ on this stock for good.......... I've been patient and have held for a long time but my patients has run out...... if I don't start seeing some movement i'm gone... and its a shame cause I'd really like to see these guys make something good happen... funny thing is they talk about being involved in real estate but when i made a post some time back people told me these guys don't have the money for real estate? I say then why promote it? they are actually very stupid because if they listened and actually got into it? real estate is actually taking off right now too lol... smh... STRONG BUY FOR NOW BUT THEY TREADING ON THIN ICE... with me anyhow..... happy trading...... ;)

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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