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  • pajota3 pajota3 Nov 8, 2007 10:50 PM Flag

    Longs, Get a good night's sleep, tomorrow we will kick ass!

    Your welcome, I'm exhausted from all the messages I wrote today, trying to convince the the longs to be strong, it is very hard to tell all the longs who have taken such a unbelievable hit to hang in there and don't worry but always remember there is a saying to investors and that is if your money lasts your luck will change and now is the beginning of the change, the shoe is going to be on the other foot. The shorts will have to cover when the price of Welcare goes up and with the longs buying also this stock can fly up. I have to rest for tomorrow, its going to be "SQUEEGE THE SHORTS DAY"

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    • i must say...pajota3 deserves an applause for all the hard work he has done today and he unlike the shorts was able to prove that what he was saying was true and as long as we stick together as a team we will continue to see the light...

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      • I agree, kudos to pajota3 today. He's like a one man anti-bashing ninja! But, let's be realistic here...there are a lot of longs that were probably hoping for a straight line to 50+. My guess is that, except for concrete news, the big boys won't let this run directly north until they have accumulated all they can from the weak hands.

        I could be a little off, but I saw a pattern late in the day today. It seemed like a rise on volume followed by a sharp drop on almost no volume. Then, a slow recovery as though the weak longs were getting milked out of their shares out of fear for another sharp drop.

        I do have to say, though that it did not look like panic selling by any means. The investors/speculators that are long in this bad boy stock are probably a different breed. A species that is very risk tolerant and willing to endure near term drops in value for a longer-term goal. WCG is an easy double if you can wait a year. Of course, that is my opinion and concrete news that there are several cockroaches besides our $35M pet could change things dramatically.

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