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  • kenyon1 kenyon1 Jul 20, 1999 4:42 PM Flag

    NEW PRES, CEO craig fleming

    anyone heard of this guy?

    cant get much
    worse than things are now, this might just be a reason
    to give out yet another car, options, bonus etc to a
    new guy, but i hope there is an upside; if anyone has
    backround on the guy please post; i could use good


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    • I just read your message. It touched me the most
      of all the post I just read. I can, so much, relate
      to your post. I am a novice investor and have
      learned much from owning this stock.

      I didn't put
      my life savings into MDA but 26% of my intial
      investment account has ended up in MDA stock. I like you
      felt that MDA was a Christian centered stock and felt
      compelled to invest (in the ministry). I'm sure the amount
      I invested would be considered peanuts to TK and
      MDA. I do hope they realize that we have invested with
      the thought process of being good stewards with the
      money God has blessed us with.

      I don't believe
      in judging people, can't or won't sue and know I'm
      not perfect. I do try to use Jesus as an example in
      my life. I can only hope that management has the
      same beliefs.

      A few years ago my husband and I
      owned a real estate company. We dedicated the small
      business, on a shoestring, to the Lord. We went through
      peaks and valleys but didn't waiver from our faith. In
      the seventh year of our business, after an extreme
      valley, the business increased beyond our greatest

      I try to focus on the positive. As in the past,
      when things seemed at their lowest point, blessings
      started to flow. The greatest blessings for me being my
      sons and grandson.

      Rischmi, I do feel your
      pain, I do wish you well. It is easy to doubt,
      especially man. As man is far from perfect. I hope you can
      heal from this experience without harming your faith,
      as do I.

      We question not the Lord but our
      own judgement in choosing this stock. May the Lord be
      with us all. And may He, especially, help me with my
      short fuse. k.

    • Are left holding an enema bag..

      We got
      screwed plain and simple...from $25 to $4....what a


      I will use my MDA annual report to start a fire
      this fall...

      They should change the symbol to

    • The SEC investigates complaints filed against

      public companies.Since they are a goverment agency,

      there is no charge and no need for attorney's fees.

      The SEC can force disgorgement(return) of any
      that they feel are unjustified.Worse from the
      standpoint,they could declare that some or all of
      $13,000,000 paid to TK and KR was in reality a
      (as we all already know),in which case they would

      have to return the money or pay an equivalent
      to the rest of us.

      Perhaps if enough
      stockholders filed complaints,
      the SEC will investigate.I
      for one would love to see
      KR justify his
      $2,800,000 income last year and especially
      $2,000,000 going away present.

    • posted the info. See message #4051. The URL still
      remains the same on yahoo and should work --- but it
      doesn't. Maybe it has something to do with the cut and
      paste impaired. (sigh)

      Sorry 'bout that Brett.
      Someone has moved a sizable chunk of MDA this morning.
      I'm watching for the bait for the bear.


    • available.

      Can you paste text to a message? It may still reside in your browsers cache...

    • if MAGI is not getting the revenue? I initially
      assumed the same as you. However, it would seem since
      MAGI brokered it then MAGI must be getting the revenue
      and not TK solely.

      I agree with the rest
      though. Made me feel sick to my stomach reading

      What do others think regarding where the revenue will

    • I guess I dont understand why MDA would do a
      press release on this, its more money for TK, not for
      the company. I guess maybe the column might be read
      by someone who hadnt heard of his work and buys a
      print because of an article he might write, but the
      press release of course doesnt mention anything about
      why this is such a good deal. I guess I'm still
      bothered by his "living simply" talk and "living lavishly"
      walk, would like to see his actions change a little bit
      before stepping up to a larger pulpit.

      good luck
      to all,


    • Monday July 26, 6:30 am Eastern

      Company Press Release

      Thomas Kinkade Signs With
      Newspaper Powerhouse
      Creators Syndicate

      Most Collected Living Artist Gets Twice-Weekly
      Newspaper Column for National

      JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 26, 1999--Media
      Arts Group, Inc. (NYSE:MDA - news) today
      Thomas Kinkade, America's most collected living artist
      with nearly $300 million in retail sales last year,
      has signed a multi-year
      agreement with Los
      Angeles-based newspaper syndication giant Creators Syndicate to
      write a twice-weekly column inspired
      by his recent
      best selling book ``Lightposts For Living.''

      The announcement was made by Creator Syndicate's CEO,
      Mike Santiago, and Craig Fleming, President and CEO of
      Arts Group, a leading art publisher and exclusive
      distributor of Thomas Kinkade's art.

      The column will
      feature Thomas Kinkade's message of joy, family,
      tradition, love and faith and will draw from ``Lightposts
      Living,'' published by Warner Books, which reached best
      seller status on The Los Angeles Times and The New York
      Best Sellers Plus.

      ``We are pleased to have
      Thomas Kinkade join our team of well-known columnists
      and cartoonists,'' said Santiago of
      Syndicate. ``The value-oriented themes so powerfully
      depicted in Thom's art will inspire a column appealing not
      only to the
      millions of loyal Thomas Kinkade fans,
      but also to a broader audience seeking the
      life-affirming spirit Thom represents.''

      partnership between America's most collected living artist
      and America's fastest growing newspaper syndicate is
      a great
      fit,'' said Craig Fleming of Media Arts
      Group. ``We are delighted that Creators Syndicate has
      provided the opportunity for us
      to bring Thomas
      Kinkade's unique perspective on life and living to their
      millions of readers.''

      The deal was brokered for
      Media Arts Group, Inc. by attorneys Robert Thorne and
      Gregory Redlitz of Thorne and Company.

      Media Arts
      Group, Inc. is a leading designer, manufacturer,
      marketer and branded retailer of canvas and paper
      art-based home decorative accessories, collectibles and
      gift products based on the works of artist Thomas
      Kinkade, Painter of
      Light, which feature Kinkade's
      unique use of light and his peaceful and inspiring

      Creators Syndicate is the fastest-growing
      newspaper syndicate in the world, reaching millions of
      readers through its subscriber
      base of over 2,600
      newspaper and periodicals. The syndicate represents over
      eighty political columns, feature columns,
      strips and editorial cartoons, including Hillary Rodham
      Clinton, Herblock, Ann Landers and Johnny Hart's B.C. and
      Wizard of Id.

      The foregoing comments include
      forward-looking statements and actual results may vary. Such
      statements are indicated by
      words or phrases such as
      ``believe,'' ``intend,'' ``expect,'' ``seek,'' ``plan'' and
      similar words or phrases. Such statements are
      based on
      current expectations and are subject to certain risks,
      uncertainties and assumptions, including product
      efforts, consumer acceptance of Thomas Kinkade's artwork
      and of the Company's products based on his work,
      expansion of
      distribution channels for the Company's
      products and, in particular, the successful implementation
      of the Signature Galleries
      program, successful
      third party manufacturing relationships and the
      continued control of operating expenses. Media
      Group, Inc. expressly disclaims any obligation to
      release publicly any updates or revisions to such
      forward-looking statements
      to reflect any change in its
      expectations with regard thereto or any change in events or
      circumstances on which any such
      statement is based.

    • you won't like this. Some interesting discussion on the board however
      I can't say I agree with it all.

      Later, I
      have a client coming in.


    • brett:
      Yes on the percentages you cited. But
      even with a large dividend for ALL shareholders, the
      top 2 would still end up with 10-12 millions dollars
      a year (instead of 13-14) so I don't think that
      would be a setback at all for them considering how the
      stock price would rise.

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