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  • follower_2005 follower_2005 Feb 16, 2000 11:14 PM Flag

    Hello everyone

    I thought I'd better check in.
    Moral and
    relapan and others
    might think I took my 90

    percent profit and ran. I
    didn't. I'm still here and

    still long on MDA. According
    to Moral I'll be able
    to buy
    more in a couple weeks at 5
    Hopefully I'll be
    prepared to do that by then

    without a second mortgage. I
    see most of you all are

    beating on those same old
    tired messages. Oh well,

    wouldn't be the MDA board
    without it. We'll wait for
    next news. Can you image what
    an IPO of
    Exclaim would do
    about now? I hit big on CBMI

    this week. They announced a
    merger with two other

    biomedical companies and the
    stock soared up over 5
    in two days. That's all we
    need here at
    MDA- just a
    little news, a new artist, the
    ahead on the Kinkaid
    Village etc... Things we

    cannot now imagine. Of course
    the downside is I'll
    have to
    be prepared not to buy more
    shares at
    5 3/4. Oh well...

    Life is short - pray hard.

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      shorted it myself on the way down but that was many
      months ago and the momentum is building on the upside
      with all you wonderful remaining shorts needing to
      close out. Look at the 5 yr chart. Close now and Short
      when we hit $30.

    • ex-longs.

      Exclaim storefront is and will
      be a flop. Retailers don't need it or want it. Why
      go through another middleman to buy product? Exclaim
      gets a minimal markup and retailers would be buying
      from Exclaim where the markup is passed on to the
      retailer or wholesaler.

      Any IPO spinoff will
      benefit majority shareholders. This company doesn't give
      a crap about the minority. If Bud is really
      leaving, I'm betting this was one of his reasons for
      getting out. I wonder what kind of sweet deal he is

    • Would anyone care to guess who are the people
      that are shorting MDA?

      Of all the shorts it
      seems as though rocketscience is getting the most
      stressed out.

      I'll bet he borrowed a lot of money
      to short MDA and he never guessed that this is the
      time for the stock price to blossom. What is even more
      distasteful for the shorts is this is a slow and steady stock
      price growth.

      Just stick around for the next
      month and we longs will really get our money's worth
      when the shorts start to panic.

      Sleep tight
      It won't be long!!!

      P.S. Rocket, you forgot
      about exclaim in your equation!

    • a new building just to house all the ex-employees who have turned into consultants.

    • you're long, to make money! This stock is ripe
      for the pickings on the down side. Too much ego at
      work in a company makes for indecisiveness and bad
      business decisions.

      My higher education experience
      is irrelevant here. I might ask, where did Thom get
      his degree in business? Thanks for the compliment.

    • since i have owned this stock, i do believe this is the first time it has been up following a positive commercial type news announcement!!(smile)

    • Im still at work, will be a few hours before i
      get the exact url for the pages my friend sent, but
      if you go to and go to the planet
      hollywood board there, you will find mention that on feb
      20th they will relist as plhya; but the share value
      was not listed. they say on that message board (and
      remember, dont believe everything you read in a message
      board) for every 5,000 shares or so of planet hollywood
      you own you would get one warrant to purchase shares
      in the new company for something just over $60. I
      will try to get exact numbers and confirmation from
      the source tonite. Good Luck to all

    • the exact same thing after reading the little genius's post.

    • on everything including real estate, just what is
      your degree and where did you get it. At 23 you are
      easily one of the smartest people I read. Just curious
      though, if you are so smart why did you sell MDA short?
      Isn't this the only reason you keep bad mouthing MDA or
      am I missing something?
      OT Planet Hollywood If
      memory serves me right they are being bought out by
      Starbucks in a bankruptcy reorg. I wouldn't buy if I were
      you. Do your own DD before you part with your Dollars

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