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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Jul 30, 2013 3:45 PM Flag

    Just How Far To The Left Of Center is Hillary Clinton... Really?

    The biggest mis-conception in american politics today is that Bill and Hillary are similar in ideology.

    We got our first taste of reality on that score back in 1993, when health care was one of the main political topics. Hillary got behind every microphone she could find to attack drug companies. Bill Clinton had campaigned on more moderate themes, but it was clear in 1993 that the first year of his administration was tacking to the left, and Hillary was leading the charge.

    In 1994, that hard shift to the left created the “contract with america”, and one of the largest republican sweeps of a mid-term election ever. In response, Bill Clinton moved rapidly and decisively toward the center, and Hillary became both less visible, and increasingly estranged from Bill.

    When Hillary won her New York Senate seat years later, we found out why there was such a political rift between Bill and Hillary after 1995.

    The first year of a 6 year senate term is when you REALLY find out where a politician stands. In that first year, they are 6, long years away from having to face re-election, and they can do whatever they want to do.

    In Hillary Clinton’s first year as a Senator, the National Taxpayers Union ranked her the most liberal senator in America. She scored more liberal than Byrd, Kennedy… ALL of them. Some may say that NTU is a conservative organization… sure… but they have to rank every senator SOMEWHERE… and Hillary was to the left of every democrat as well.

    When it comes to extremist politics, most people don’t view Hillary as the extreme-left politician that she actually is. Memory’s fade, the association with Bill Clinton persists, and few of Hillary’s core constituency knows of NTU’s findings of just how extremist Hillary is when she gains power and is a long ways from facing re-election.

    Hopefully, the truth gets out there before we embark on yet ANOTHER 8 years of socialist experimentation.


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    • Tip of the iceberg... Just look at all the problems she had running the State Department. Foreign Policy disasters and personnel behavior disasters. Atom bombs for Iran and NKorea. Just imagine her running the country! All the prostitution stings and her personnel's questionable behavior... The Egypt fiasco with Mubarak and the Muslim Brotherhood, Syria, and that whole coverup regarding Ambassador Stevens... to name just a few of her management and policy failures.

      Does the press ever bring any of that up? No... Well, she is a woman... she is part of the liberal agenda... minor problems for somebody close to being anointed an untouchable liberal saint almost appointed to be a POTUS. Simply despicable journalism by the gatekeepers of the First Amendment responsible for holding our politicians accountable...

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