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  • ldb1947 ldb1947 Oct 26, 2012 3:01 PM Flag

    Executive rewards


    It appears the top three Executives have been given 373,000 free shares in the last two years. Since the total available = approx 7.3 million shares these three were given 5% of the company. What board gives away that big a chunk of the company. It appears the CFO got 85,000 gratus shares. Did the performance of the past two years warrant such a generous reward?

    Stock may settle as low #$%$ 4.50 and then Buf Wild Wings could scoop them up.

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    • If I'm not mistaken there are like 700k more free shares worth of awards waiting to vest. So, if those are given out, the outstanding share count will be more like 8 million. This is why debt is high. They are using debt to buy back RSU share awards ect. Seems they've learned nothing from 2009. Until I see a sign of debt going down I'm on the sidelines. This economy ain't getting better, and I'm not drinking the cool-aid being handed out by the govt. At least if debt is paid down u don't have to beg a bank to stay in business during a crisis.


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