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  • stockswap stockswap Feb 24, 1998 9:35 PM Flag

    Share Price

    There is an awful amount of talk on this board about the locations and the taste of the ribs, all important grant you, but
    is anyone concerned about the share price. I think we are now at or below the IPO price. The stock dropped about 9% today on
    heavy volume. Is another wonderful bit of news coming our way tomorrow? The way I see it, either I am nuts for holding on to this
    stock or nuts for not buying more. Missed my chance when RAIN dropped below book a couple weeks back, almost a 50% gain from that
    mark. Does anyone out there have any clue when we can expect to see something positive from this stock?

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    • Your a whining crybabie that needs a swift kick in the ass. I'll borrow a line from Cher's character in "Moonstruck", "Snap out of it!"

    • "How low can it go? The auctioneer looks like he's running out of numbers... "

      Five years later and we're finding out!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks,dorgenhooter.

      And ann1234, I don't
      know if you're talking about having all of your
      investments in just FD's or what, so I won't burden you with
      any unwanted advice. I'm hoping you just made some
      errors in your choice of wording, I've done that more
      than once, as I'm sure you're aware of if you've read
      this message board long.
      Some of those who're
      giving you all of this wonderful advice aren't even
      investors now or ever in Famous Daves. They just seem to
      always be around when an investment hits troubled
      waters. I'm sure you have your investments more under
      control than you stated in your message. All I can say
      is, Good Luck with your choice of investments in
      whatever they may be.

    • Cannibalization refers to a company who will
      develop an aggressive development strategy within a
      defined market area in order to A) develop a strong brand
      image and B)deter outside competition from developing
      within that market due to strong brand
      sorry it took so long to respond

    • A technical analysis of the graphs of the 82 stock list in YAHOO shows that usually the restaurant industry stocks take
      there hits in Dec-Jan. But seasonal cyclical behavior does not exist, if it did it would be too easy of an arbitrage situation.
      This is not reason for future optimism. Face it.. with but a few rare exceptions (OSSI..) the restaurant industry has become very
      competitive and the stocks of this industry are completely out of favor. The hope has to be in individual company success or a return to
      more profitability within the industry.

    • Keep in mind this is the time of the year where most resteraunt stocks take a seasonal dip. I've been waiting since the IPO to buy DAVE at $6.5 and finally got some last week. Didn't really want the additional drop afterwords but it will come back. Ain't lost it unless you sell now. It is the time to buy, can't imagine why there would be any sellers at these prices.

    • Investor/analyst/message board call will be posted if possible.
      Actually Dave would take a music request, however it would be awhile before it would show up on a cd in the stores. FD cds are for sale. Stock hit=97 4Q earnings way off projections.
      Music too loud=No. 1 guest complaint. Dave feels that the music is crucial to creating the right atmosphere/energy in the restaurants. Maybe we need to zone it. To all going to the
      World Figure Skating Championships in downtown Mnpls we will be the only food venue outside on block e, come check out our
      traveling rib team layout. There should be some corporate types
      helping out as well. Boy, you folks keep me busy.

    • as we look at DAVE's approaching book value I think we all need to consider possibilities on the horizon. Presently, DAVE's
      is another restaurant stock, which means it will always be mercurial until it becomes a national name. Even then all we can
      hope for is that it will maintain its price. As I have said numerous times, I love the food & the atmosphere, I'm not needlessly
      pounding on DAVE's. My point here is that if DAVE's is going to successfully carve out a clientele, its got to make more prudent biz
      decisions, like putting shacks in proven retail hub cities like Mankato & St. Cloud with smaller shacks instead of Winona. He needs a
      gimmick outside of the stores. The Twin City stores will not prop up the revenues forever, he needs a viable greater MN strategy.

    • does anyone know if it's possible to call in
      on the 'Investor/analyst conference call'?


    • I read somewhere that Dave picks
      all the tunes played. Don't know if
      he takes requests.

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