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  • valinv valinv Mar 11, 1998 10:10 AM Flag

    Fad, Folly, or Turnaround?

    I like the discussion here. Hutchjr seems to be infatuated w/DAVE & it can do no wrong.. Others commiserate about the
    justifiable slaughter of the stock price. I would love dearly to buy some stock, but... the point of its durability for a 10 yr horizon
    is questionable. Its got a great dining ambience, but the corn is crap. My real concern is with BIG DAVE himself. He has had a
    great track record with the Grand casinos & has enjoyed a lot big bucks from them. I think bbq joints are basically a commodity to
    enjoy every 2 months or so if you have any sense of personal health. Is DAVES a franchise? IF it is there is a a lot of money to
    be made at these low prices. Or is it another Zuba or cabbage Patch Doll adventure, a lot of quick money that fizzles quickly?
    BIG DAVE needs get it organized and get the right management up & going to be another Mickey D's...A real leader needs to come
    out to the shareholders and let them know what the plan is...Until then, I'll hang on to my cash until he make a profit

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    • Let me explain my reasons for babbling so much about the tastes of DAVES. Beings I consider my investment in it as my
      "gambling money" I want to make sure that my tastes are on the same track as other bbq lovers and to do my own research on it in any
      ways I can think of. Today I,m going to Apple V. to pick up 3 all-american feasts for two.# 1 is for me and my family, #2 is for
      a friend whom I gave a rib sample last week and he has bugged me to pick him up a complete meal my next trip to the cities,
      and #3 is for the staff at the local bank, on me,as a test to see how they feel about it. If they like it, I'm sure they'll tell
      everyone in town about it, and I'm pretty sure they"ll love it................................ .The business end of it... I'm sure
      the rest of you on the message board can keep me up-to-date on.

      Goodnight, I'm going back to sleep.

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      • I just came back home from town. Success..........I only purchased two "Feasts for 2" Gene called earlier and told me to forget his for now. He has serious gout in his foot and he said his foot was swollen and his toes were blue, so forget it today, but be sure and pick him up some next week or whenever I go back up to A.V.

        I just went to the bank to get the pralene sauce for my bread pudding which I accidentally left there with their "Feast for 2"
        WOW everyone up there except 1 loved something and some like me,loved it all. I left a few Famous Daves takeout menus with the meal. A worthwhile promotion.

    • Sorry if my" infatuations" bother you or some of the others on this message board but I'm a simple country boy from S.E. Mo.
      who has lived up here for the last 15yrs. without real barbeque, out of the t-cities, and I just want to tell you DAVE has a product that once he has a handle on the bussiness end of it, it has no where to go but upppppppp. Remember we all have rights to our own opinions.

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