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  • DickMN DickMN Jul 4, 1999 12:45 PM Flag

    How Dave cooks his ribs at home.

    Just watched Dave on TV. He gave lots of good
    instructions and tips for barbecuing ribs on the outdoor
    grill. He starts by marinating the ribs for 4 hours in a
    plastic bag filled with Italian dressing.

    In a
    grill like a Weber cooker he uses the "indirect"
    heating method and keeps the heat low to cook the ribs
    slowly. He soaks hickory chips in water until thoroughly
    soaked and when cooking the ribs adds the water-soaked
    hickory chips to the charcoal to smoke the ribs,
    periodically adding more hickory.

    Dave said that nobody
    seasons the ribs enough before grilling. He held up a
    couple of racks of ribs that he had just seasoned and
    they were literally covered with seasoning. He listed
    all the seasonings but they went right by me since
    I'm not a cook. All of it was in addition to using
    his sauce.

    One tip that caught my attention
    was one he uses at home when cooking his own ribs. He
    adds a little Peachtree schnapps, Kahl�a, and apricot
    preserves to his Famous Daves regular BBQ sauce. He said
    that he can't add the liquor to the sauce he uses in
    the restaurants. He then slathers this concoction on
    the ribs with what looks like a small mop.

    also has a new book for sale at the restaurants that
    has all the recipes and tips.

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    • Two SuperMarkets in Wausau WI (29 SUPER) have
      large end caps of FD Sauces. I didn't check the
      freezers. I believe these stores are owned or otherwise
      affiliated with RAINBOW FOODS.

      Also, small IGA Stores
      in Central WI carry the FD Sauces.

    • In Metro/State section, B4, is a short story
      about Daves appearance last week on "Live with Regis
      and Kathie Lee".
      For a schedule of some dates and
      locations for more of his public presentations and book
      signings look at; once
      there hit "Dave's Appearances Schedule"
      Our man is
      really going out and working on becoming more of a known
      bbq honcho. Go DAVE and Dave A,

    • As long as people want good food Dave will do great.

    • Last August I sat in the Famous Dave's tent at
      the Sturgis Rally. Being from Minnesota i knew what
      Dave's tasted like and just enjoyed the shade, the beer
      and music!

      Seems everyone else enjoyed the
      ribs, didn't hear of any complaints! Long lines on a
      warm day!

      So Dave's cracked the SD market
      already... it may have been a test to see how well they'd

    • Dave will be a regional player for at least
      another year. The franchising concept has been shelved at
      least for that long. Look for more stores in Michigan,
      Nebraska, Wisconsin, Illinois, and the long shot - South

    • "Famous Dave's Backroads and
      "Recipes Inspired by America's Down-Home
      Picked up a copy at Barnes and Noble yesterday. It is
      159 pages of good ole' "just-like gramma used to
      make" scrumptous meals and desserts. It cost $23.40 +
      tax. Dave A., according to the foreword "has donated
      millions to charity, and, with this book, he will further
      that goal, funding a life-skills camp for
      disadvantaged youth.

      • 2 Replies to hutchjr
      • So I had the opportunity to sample several BBQ
        places while traveling through the southeast. One place
        that needs to be mentioned was called 'The Smokehouse'
        in Hilton Head. Please note some similarities: The
        table had a roll of paper towels on it, and a cardboard
        sixpack full of sauce and stuff. There were three sauces
        which tasted EXACTLY (I am not making this up) like
        Rich and Sassy, Texas Pit, and Georgia Mustard. The
        ribs were served with two sides (corn, beans, fries,
        slaw) in a basket with a paper liner with corn bread.
        The food was outstanding. The only evidence that I
        could possibly point to that would indicate that I was
        not eating in DAVEs would have been the fact that
        there wasnt a neon pig on the wall. That and the corn
        bread vs. a corn muffin.

        I am mentioning this to
        illustrate a point, that being that DAVEs would be nothing
        special in South Carolina (or Georgia for that matter),
        but that opportunities for domination exist in
        'unspoiled' areas (such as everything between MN and the
        Pacific Ocean, save maybe Texas).

        If anyone in or
        near SC would like to refute/verify this story of
        similarity (Smokehouse vs Dave) I would be very


      • I looked at the wrong sales slip. My cost was somewhere around $32.95 before taxes.

    • Has anyone heard either of the posting date or if we are in the red or black. There has been precious little info lately, kind of ominous.

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