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  • bezek2 bezek2 Jul 11, 1999 10:39 PM Flag

    Many Good Experience, One Bad

    I have been a huge fan of FD since I moved to La
    Crosse, WI from Cal recently. Best BBQ I have had from a
    restaraunt (and I'm from Chicago). The place is small and
    always packed. Coming from the LA/Las Vegas/San Diego
    scene, there is nothing that compares in quality or
    atmosphere. I even interveiwed the manager tonight on his
    views which were very positive. Anyway, to make a long
    story short I'm going to pick up 1,000 shares this
    Now the bad experience, I was out with a client
    recently at FD's and he had a moderate alergic reaction to
    the peanut sauce FD uses with the wings. My client
    was not warned in the menu of the use of peanut
    products (which is a common alergy) and could have gotten
    very sick or died. In short, FD's needs to warn
    customers or at least look at ways to prevent this in the
    future. FD's has too deep of pockets (mine too soon)not
    to take this seriously.


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    • >>>My client was not warned in the menu
      of the use of peanut products (which is a common
      alergy) and could have gotten very sick or

      I strongly recommend that you e-mail Famous Dave's
      and tell them the story.�� I'm sure that they read
      these boards but then you'll be on record as having
      informed them.�� I have a son who is allergic to peanuts
      so I know how life-threatening it is.�� Anything
      that contains peanut products should be clearly
      labeled and menu items likewise.

      Here is a link to
      Dave's homepage. The e-mail link is toward the bottom of
      their homepage.

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      • I, too, was intrigued by the issue exposed in
        this post. I talked with a store manager at Dave's and
        also someone within corporate of another large
        restaurant company. Neither of them were attorneys but they
        both said about the same thing: it's up to the
        customer to tell the restaurant of their allergies and the
        restaurant will then advise on food selections.

        don't think I've ever seen a restaurant that displays
        every ingredient (down to the ingredients in sauces and
        such) on a menu. Menus would easily become complex
        tomes (sic?).

        If the person with the peanut
        allergy informed the wait staff at Dave's about the
        allergy without being warned about a menu item being
        cooked in a peanut oil product, I'd say that person
        would have a good lawsuit. If the person with the
        peanut allergy is not routinely and meticulously taking
        note of everything she/he eats, that person is living
        very dangerously.

      • You should ask before ordering. Many restaurants
        use peanut oil in their recipes. Don't always blame
        the restaurant. Maybe they should be responsible for
        putting floride in the water too?
        If it's important to
        you then ask.

    • the past, you like restaurant stocks. I value
      your opinion on said stocks. I would like to know what
      you think about UNO PIZZA, SYMBOL is UNO. Would you
      kindly do some research, and give me a post back? I
      think it has great potential.

      • 2 Replies to ann1234
      • Wow, you picked a good one.
        I especially liked
        the fact that they are diversified and have improved
        their food cost(UNO).
        Plus they've broken out of
        their trading range (good sign)
        I'd probably wait
        for the stock to relax a buck or so before buying in.
        It's had a pretty nice run. But that's up to

        Pizzeria Uno, however, is not your typical restaurant
        company dependant upon its customers staying loyal after
        the novelty wears off.
        Why? Because it also has a
        successful non-restaurant business that is less susceptible
        to fickle customer tastes since it relies on
        long-term contracts. Unlike most other restaurants, this
        one supplies its Uno-branded food to more than 375
        hotels, 75 movie theaters, and 50 other venues, building
        brand awareness and loyalty among both new and existing

      • UNO is not one of the stocks I currently follow,
        but I'll read up on it a bit and give you my 2
        I have been following a stock called The Daily
        Grill (GRIL)
        and they own a couple of Uno's which
        they are trying to sell to raise capitol for expansion
        of their Daily Grill concept (which I happen to
        love). I believe their Uno's are doing pretty well.

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