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  • topline1 Sep 26, 2008 12:34 PM Flag

    Free Company -

    $6 cash on hand so you can buy with no money down and pay off baleance in two years from earnings at todays price. Who wants In? ....

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    • No one invests in a company simply because it has cash on hand, although that might be comforting. Investors buy shares to participate in the future earnings of a company.
      NTE said in it's last quarterly results release that the road ahead will be a rough one and that is my concern.

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      • topline1 Oct 2, 2008 8:24 PM Flag

        Your right --but the combination of cash and earnings / earnings potential makes this company attractive. - In this down environment cash is king. - Now trading close to the cash on hand - You could sell the whole company in a rummage sale / fire sale and still come out ahead. - Or the cash could be used to make "fire sale purchases" of other beaten down undervalued companies that would better psoition NTE for strong earnings once things turnaround __AND THEY WILL turnaround.

      • Benjamin Graham disagrees with you.

      • "no one invests in a company just because it has cash on hand"

        OK, but we're not talking about some kind of money-losing pharma startup here. Namtai has one of the highest operating margins in the EMS industry. ROE on the noncash assets is over 50%. And it's selling for basically the cash in the bank. And they have a history of paying out cash.

        Unless the business permanently falls apart, the stock is worth 10 or 15.

      • I could care less if they go is trading in negative valuations right now. It has 271M in cash, 10M in debt...and a market cap that went into the 237M range on Friday. That is insane. Taking its cash (271M) that is probably yielding about 5% or more due to the t-bill yield that the jump in the value of bonds (13.6M), NTE can stop operations and pay about 0.33/share in dividend (just from the interest on its cash/bond holdings)! That is a 5.6% yield for doing NOTHING! You can't get that return in the treasurys by buying today! Plus, it is in cash at NTE and was already in bonds (thus, they got a massive return when bond prices skyrocketed and the dollar has now strengthened). NTE could be sitting on more than 300M in cash right now because of all this...

    • What are they doing to generate earnings, which is what you assume? Are they getting new contracts? Are earnings slowing? No one on this site considers this, only how much money they have in the bank. Future dividends could use this up.

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      • topline1 Sep 26, 2008 5:02 PM Flag

        If the company was purchased and sold as an ongoing concern (all assets equipement business practices - customer list etc. Without the cash- It sould easily bring $4-$5. (Porbaly more like $7- Buit if you just take say $4.5 then pocket the $6 in cash you still have $10 or more. - If they just break even (and maybe a litle more) you could pay the dividend for years out of cash on hand and get a 10% return just from the dividend. - If they continue at the current income rate they will add to cash. - if they increase sales and earning-well you get the idea- very undervalued here

    • Stocks sold for under the value of Cash on hand during
      the great depression of the thirties. Fear Fear = disconnect from

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      • topline1 Nov 25, 2008 11:34 AM Flag

        We are not headed to another depresioin. By the end of the second quarter of next year we will see that the economy has stabalized and is beginiing to recover. By the end of next year we will be in a positive growth mode for the economy. Buying NTE for less than the cash on hand now and getting paid 18% while you wait out the macro changes will give a very nice total return in 2-3 years.

    • listen guys,there is no free lunch,the reason this stock is selling at this price is a simple one,the big traders and investors are convinced
      beyond doubt that we are heading for a major and severe recession,whereby this co. sales could fall by as much as 35-50%,as it actually did at the last recession we had,and that would transalate to a couple of years of heavy losses,
      which make that cash hoard of 271 million, dissapear faster than you can say jackie robinson
      so my advice to everyone is,keep your powder dry
      and don't rush into anything,you might be able to buy this baby in a year from now for one or two dollars a share if not cheaper

    • Where is the financial data on NTE? The stuff on Yahoo is for year 2007. Nowhere is the data for 2008. They had good balance sheet in Dec 2007, but this was a full year ago. Maybe by now they blew through their cash.

    • topline1 Oct 8, 2008 11:21 AM Flag

      OK now with the cash on hand and one dividend paymnet from free cash flow - this company really is FREE - come and get it!

    • topline1 Oct 10, 2008 9:40 AM Flag

      This is crazy. At this price we can clsoe the doors put the cash under in a can in the backyard and still have money left over. - Come on people step up and get a piece!