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  • originalbaked originalbaked Oct 11, 2008 6:03 PM Flag

    Free Company -

    I could care less if they go is trading in negative valuations right now. It has 271M in cash, 10M in debt...and a market cap that went into the 237M range on Friday. That is insane. Taking its cash (271M) that is probably yielding about 5% or more due to the t-bill yield that the jump in the value of bonds (13.6M), NTE can stop operations and pay about 0.33/share in dividend (just from the interest on its cash/bond holdings)! That is a 5.6% yield for doing NOTHING! You can't get that return in the treasurys by buying today! Plus, it is in cash at NTE and was already in bonds (thus, they got a massive return when bond prices skyrocketed and the dollar has now strengthened). NTE could be sitting on more than 300M in cash right now because of all this...