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  • specsit2000 specsit2000 Feb 8, 2011 4:55 PM Flag

    Where is xkmfx?

    This is by no means a financial analysis, but does anyone else on this board remember the negative postings about NTE this summer by a supposedly "selfless" poster xkmfx?

    Here is a small sample:

    < I thought it worth while to re-post my analysis of Nam Tai which comes out as VERY NEGATIVE. I have tried to be objective, however, I would be very pleased to hear from anyone that has a positive business reason to invest in Nam Tai or point out something that I have missed...>

    If you were for the unending bashing posts last summer from this source (price was about 4 and change) - and are still here - I'd say you are a hard core deep value investor in the extreme.


    Just remembering the good old times!


    I am long NTE.

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