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  • ltbhdollars ltbhdollars Apr 16, 2011 6:32 PM Flag

    New Investor Questions

    Thx, I had already read what company "said" they were anticipating however I was hoping some of the long term holders that held when NTE paid 12%+ thru the years they eliminated would provide some color based on their feel as to whether the announced might/would be "unannounced".

    This is a question of management trustworthiness to execute prior announced plans that unforeseen events may have overshadowed ... something that cannot be obtained from a news release.

    PS Had a lot of other questions asked but not answered so answers to those are appreciated.


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    • Hello:

      I think I've been following NTE since 1991.

      I have owned it for several years, and I have family who have owned it for about 10 years.

      NTE is not an ADR (American Depository Share).

      NTE has paid a dividend MOST of it's publicly traded life. Management gets a substantial portion of their income through dividends paid on the stock that they own. A quirk in Chinese tax law taxes dividends LOWER than income for company execs. I think that law should be applied here in America. It would be ESPECIALLY helpful at larger companies where insiders tend to loot the company...

      If NTE has declared a dividend, I would put the chance that it is paid at the high 90's percent of probability. NTE has plenty of cash & no debt. They have a history of paying dividends. Declaring a dividend, and then BACKING out of it would be a major loss of "face" and a source of embarrassment for management.

      Getting paid on declared dividends is one of the last things I would worry about! There are plenty of more "pressing" issues.

      If you are patient with NTE, and the world economy gets back on it's feet, you'll be amply rewarded.