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  • mikecola56 mikecola56 Dec 3, 2012 11:15 AM Flag

    Do Your Part

    In between $3 and $6 about 7000sh. Haven't sold any. I'm doing
    my part. Are you doing yours? I truly believe we aint seen nothing yet.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I hold 7000 shares,as well. Been holding since 2006 with a $9 dollar cost basis. I agree with the poster who says that Mr. Koo is quite conservative and tends to low ball his estimates when giving guidance. I'm not selling until this great story changes.

      There is so much compelling good news to provide year long momentum. The latest is an article in Forbes Magazine that speculates on the possibility that Apple will do a deal with China Mobile which would allow them to sell I-phones to their 700 million subscribers. China is expected to become the world's top smartphone market by the end of the year.

      I'm guessing NTE will pass $20 by February and could double from there by year's end.

    • I am not selling, not even close. Let the stock double from here, and then I'll consider writing some covered calls, a couple of strike prices out...

      Three factors to consider:

      1). NTE has consistently surprised to the upside. Management is arch-conservative and they know what they are doing. EXCELLENT

      2). Goofs on "fast money" were calling a stock "cheap" at 18X earnings....What happens if the "fast money" crowd pours into NTE? What happens when they notice it at $3.50/share in earnings? Cheap at 18X P/E multiple? I am not holding my breath for this, but it could happen...

      3). Dividend is now $.60/share. What will dividend be 11 months from now? I bet it could be $1.20/share. That would result in significant income for a lot of people here. That would also help boost the stock price.

      We'll see...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy