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  • infn444 infn444 Dec 6, 2012 10:12 AM Flag

    Be aware there are now more Funds selling

    than buying by quite a bit.

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    • I admit that I sold 20% of my holdings recently. I couldn't resist the opportunity to lock in more than 10 years of dividends in one fell swoop. I then invested all that cash in another stock paying over 8%. It's a bad habit I have, taking profits and reinvesting them for long term gains. I'm looking for a 12 step program for compulsive profits taking. I admit that I'm powerless when it comes to taking profits like those. Best always, 1k

    • From the Nasdaq institutional holdings numbers, the total number of new positons and increased positions is around 4.1 million shares. Sold out and decreased positions is around 6.2 million shares.

      However the filing dates are as of 9/30/2012. This means those that sold shares did so between 7/1/2012 to 9/30/30212.

      The price during that time frame was between $6 to $11 a share. So those that sold acutally left a lot of money on the table seeing the stock is now at $15.

    • Institutional ownership is available from 13-F filings. As of the most recent report there were 42 new or increased positions while decreased or sold out positions totaled 36. Readers should draw their own conclusions about the quality of posts by inf444.

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      • Also interesting is that there are some big names in there that could end up initiating coverage. Morgan Stanley had 527,947 shares as of September 30. In smaller amounts there's Wells Fargo, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Charles Schwab, Susquehanna, Oppenheimer, Bank of America, Citigroup, etc.

        Ameriprise sold out 1,330,389 shares sometime before September 30. I bet they're regretting that.

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    • If you are by some chance referring to funds selling NTE, what do you expect when a stock has risen over 250% in a year. Selling is expected so investors can lock in gains and get taxed at 15% instead of the increased 20% level next year.

      Interesting view is that the stock is bascially treading water, meaning new buyers are coming in, and are establishing a new bottom support level.

      By the way, there are very few Funds that own NTE, please inform us as to how you know who's selling let alone who owns the stock.

      As for me, I am holding long term, too much high potential growth in front of us, anyway, what other stocks out there hold this kind of exciting growth prospects?

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    • Stocks in general or this specific stock?

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