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  • dtejd1997 dtejd1997 Jan 18, 2013 1:56 PM Flag

    Very bad news for NTE - Sharp Nearly Halts all iPad Screen Production

    Well, perhaps Mr. Chan_Lei is right...

    In the not too distant past, NTE sold for far less than it's cash on hand. Of course, all of it's equipment, buildings & land were a blight on the environment and were worth nothing. NTE would have to have spent it's dwindling money to tear it all down.

    Cycles come and go, I am just surprised at how short & vicious this one is.

    Mr. Market gets happy and then he gets sad...

    I have a feeling shorts are piling into AAPL & NTE.

    No doubt Samsung is taking some market share, but I still see AAPL with the lion's share of the market.

    We'll know a lot more in a couple of weeks.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy