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  • wonkko wonkko Jan 18, 2013 1:27 PM Flag

    I told you single digits is coming this month ...

    Probably made more money in NTE than you would in your entire lifetime, including salary - if you had a day job.

    Yes, I did sell. But i will be back. Buying some now but protection with puts. After I make huge gains in a stock i usually punch out and dont return, but will in this one at a scaled back $ value with protection. The market is still ignorant with this stock. 1/2 the postings on this message board are wrong and laughable. That alone is a reason to be interested in the stock. If you wnat to short something, short apple. Not NTE at $11. Apple has no future if NTE is $11. Not to mention that NTE can and probably now is selling on the android platform. The orders shift from platform to platform, but their are only so many places to make this hardware.

    You my friend are an idiot. You don't even know why you should buy, or sell a stock. Even if you are right, you are wrong, and as a result, will be wrong 80% of the time. You need to invest in index funds. Maybe a Chinese one. It's going up now......

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    • There you are wonkers. Thank you for advice but I'm already short Apple back from Oct at around $630. It has been my largest short position. As I said shorting Chinese scam stocks and overhyped stocks is easy money.

      But Apple may bounce a little Tues and Wed pre-earnings since OpEx is done. I'll cover around 75% of my short before earnings and let the rest ride. The holiday quarter for Apple should be decent but guidance may be weak. Gone are the days where Apple can sell more and more iPhones QOQ after a new launch.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • I think now it will slowly drift to $7-9 to include weak outlook for the first Q. The recent increase $13-14 in PPS already accounted for great\or not so great numbers (7% margin).

      • You are an idiot. Shorting Apple is poor risk reward. Even if you are right, you are wrong. And NTE will be much higher in the near future. If you had 1/2 a brain, you would be able to do the math. If you short, you had better know more than if you are going long, and you know nothing. proved it time and time agian. please go buy index ETFs!

        And please stop with the Chinese stocks are scams... guilty untill proven innocent. Perhaps you should look into where muddy waters puts his $$ from his shorts.... Burried in off shore bank accounts so that if/when he gets sued, they won't get his money. Also, muddy waters gig is up.... just like chinese stocks. isn't that right kritloc, you imposter who tries to impersonate an investment firm.... 50 years in the slammer for you. If anybody cared that is.