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  • doublebarrel22 doublebarrel22 Jan 28, 2013 9:42 AM Flag

    Involved in IGZO

    Mr. Koo clearly confirmed it and this information will be the catalyst that lets us run.

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    • You are so funny! Mr.Koo is not a technical guy. He did not understand the meaning of IGZO when someone proceeded the question. ( Mr. Koo answer:Yes,Yes, We solve the problem). As NTE is doing LCD backend side work which is from cutting panel LCD to cells to backlight assembly. It is no matter which kind of LCD technology. Its customer(TMD /Sharp) would take care of IGZO or not.

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      • I think Mr. Koo is doing the best as he can with his translation skills, I do a lot of business with many Chinese manufacturers in China, and the Chinese people translation skills are sometimes not very good. I think the PR firm should have on board a translator to clarify the many questions that analyst and other investors have during the conference call as the messages are very important and clarity is critical. It is very important to make sure everyone understands what he is saying.

        My experience with this allows me to better understand somewhat what Mr. Koo was saying. I had no problem with understanding the call. I think many American investors get frustrated immediately if they cannot understand his response then question the answer and accept whatever is then said in response.

        Look Iceman, if you do not like NTE then leave the board, why waste your time here posting your #$%$ on this board, unless you’re one of these little short people.

        By the way, I like you’re posting name, ICEMAN, this tells me a lot about your lack of confidence as a person, and you hide under the macho poster name of a fight pilots name from the movie, Top gun.