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  • Apr 11, 2013 12:21 PM Flag

    What's with all this volatility??

    Anyone have a clue? Nervousness over earnings announcement? Dividends? Up 5% one day down 5% the next day!! Very unusual.

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    • I think because low trade volume and interest recent it easy for move stock with relative small orders. Recent past month see sell of only around 20,000 share move stock down over 1%. Maybe volume return close earnings or after earnings for provide more liquidity.

    • Over the past few days it seems that in the morning small trades take the price down and then larger afternoon trades take the price higher.

      Unless you are a day trader nothing really matters until the earnings report on the 29th. Until then,the rest is just background noise...

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      • Trades with all othre apple suppliers which are volitile. The good news is that they market is expecting very bad news, and the news should not be as bad as what people think. Everyone should be looking past this quarter and to the 2nd half of the year which should be much better than the last quarter.

        Even Apple doesn't go down anymore with the bad news from Foxcon a couple of days ago. Even Foxcon didn't go down. Everybody knows things start happening for Apple in Q3. And for NTE, probably 2 months prior which could be as early as next month.

        Also, don;t forget Sony. Experia handsets are selling out everywhere. Xperia tablets just going on sale now in the UK, and they will sell very well. Sony, Japan Display, NTE. All work together.

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