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  • davidchaz118 davidchaz118 Apr 25, 2013 3:18 PM Flag

    Brian White Topeka Lowers Price target to 15

    Thats why it is down

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    • I not understand why Brian White cut estimate so dramatic. I have relative try get report and he tell me White now only think Nam Tai have $550 million revenue for 2013. Consider Nam Tai do over $1 billion in 2012. And 2012 only have about 6 month produce tablet lcm and 4 month produce phone lcm.

      Unless Apple stop use JDI or Sharp for panels suppliers. Or JDI or Sharp stop use Nam Tai I don't estimate sp possible low. Either White have very good inside info or he very wrong.

    • Looks like he's right. All the techs that sell off into earnings have been destroyed and all the Wall Street Darling techs that ran into earnings have rocketed, even if they missed and guided flat or down. The game has already been played. We are just watching Wall Street signal the hedge funds that this will be a 'miss' regardless of its earnings and forecasts; just like SPRD last quarter. Anal-ysts 'manufactured' a miss and the hedge funds were already shorting it even before the announcement because they knew that the anal-ysts were manufacturing a "GAAP" miss...even though SPRD is the only tech that ever gets compared with "GAAP" numbers.

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      • He's not right. He's voting short term. Scared he issued a $20 report. Koo has plenty of orders. He did not invest his cash in a capacity constrained target focus market without the minimal guarantees of his clients. Koo is smarter than the analyst gives him credit. I am told this analyst has not even met koo though he went all the way to China. I read both reports this morning. Is there ANYTHING in them you did not know? I wish the analyst good life, and good luck and hunting to everyone.

    • He cut revenue estimates by 45% and said that production capacity will only be used at %14 for a while. He must be fairly certain not waiting until after earnings to downgrade.

    • I can't see how they won't beat his targets. they were so low and now he lowers them even more. I don't understand how he could possible have a buy on apple with a $888 target, with such low numbers for NTE. He also thinks NTE is nothing but Apple. Also has $0 value for land as he never even mentions it. the good news is that with a total disaster, he still has a $15 target.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • topline1 Apr 25, 2013 3:30 PM Flag

        15 is still a long ways from 12 - when it gets to 14 he will raise target to 17 .... thats how it works. "Analyst" (pumpers and dumpers) always like to keep their target prices about 10-15% below current trade levels (gives retail brokers something to sell) - not too far off so they don't look bad if the stock drops.